Jul 22, 2008

Help Your Prospect Get Where They Want To Go Faster And Easier Than If They Tried On Their Own

It took me some time to learn this, but in all you do in your prospecting efforts there is a much better way than following a cold calling script and putting undue pressure on both yourself and your prospect for the close and it's much easier than you think.

Once I really understood the power of doing this one thing my business took off.

Here it is.Instead of going for the hard sell, BE what your prospects are looking for.

Very subtle what I just said, but more powerful than you can imagine.

Instead of reading a script and getting nervous about whether or not you're going to close that particular lead into your business shoot right on past it. Start training them from the outset.

What are you as a sponsor?

A coach that is going to help your prospect get to where they want to go faster and easier than if they tried on their own, so my philosophy is this . . .

Start teaching and training your would be recruit BEFORE they are a recruit and just watch what happens.They won't know what's happening, but you'll be attracting them towards you like a magnet INSTEAD of forcing them into your business with all your might with the hard sell.

Speak to your prospect about what you do, give them advice,steer them in the right direction WHILE they are still prospects and watch how naturally most will want to BE apart of whatever it is you're doing.

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