Aug 30, 2008

How We Took Over the Magnetic Sponsoring Community and How You Can 'Steal' The Exact System We Used To Achieve Financial Freedom With Better Networker

How We Took Over the Magnetic Sponsoring Community and How You Can 'Steal' the Exact System We Used To Achieve Financial Freedom with Better Networker

"Great stuff, man. You should be charging for content like that."
- Mike Dillard

Around this time last year, I was sitting in my office watching MLM System Formula on my computer after having purchased it via the first limited release of the course.

The course was a recording from Mike's first ever live seminar and came with a bonus Flip Video camera so I could send Mike a testimonial when I was done studying it.

Aside from it being a fantastic course for the leaders of leaders in this industry, he revealed something to the attendees (and to anyone that bought the course) on what was coming in the next for months for Magnetic Sponsoring.

Three months before Magnetic Sponsoring 3.0 had launched, I got a sneak preview into the new system and gained some insight into the mind of a master marketer. (Mike is a margarita drinking genius, btw.)

MLM Social Network?
Mike also shared plans about his intention to launch the biggest and baddest social network ever created for the Network Marketing industry. Immediately, I started thinking of the potential of a large social network, which exclusively caters to home business owners.

We had done quite a bit of marketing on MySpace and other social networks, but the frustrating thing about those places is that you had to sort through a lot of "coal" and deal with a bunch of spammers.

Bottom line is that the major social networks are not targeted audiences for what we have to offer -- whether it's an opportunity, training or products.

However, our marketing efforts on MySpace and other places forced us to really set ourselves apart in a sea of crap, spammy crap and crap thinly veiled as pseudo-crap.

So when Mike shared that he intended to turn Magnetic Sponsoring into a social community... I was sooooo game!

We've been through 'Web 2.0 Hell' on MySpace, and we were ready to kick ass again.

Magnetic Sponsoring Launches October 2007
When the Magnetic Sponsoring Community went live in Oct. '07, as other networkers wandered aimlessly through the site and started throwing crap up in the form of articles, videos and forum posts... I simply went into the community and started observing...

I didn't interact for a few days and just kinda got a feel for how the site worked and what others were doing. I was studying the behavior of the majority, which was both interesting but a little concerning.

Fortunately, my concerns were alleviated when leaders such as Jim Yaghi, Shiraz Khan and David Schwind quickly emerged as the marketing authorities on the forums.

These were the guys I wanted to get to know...

Well, after studying what was going it was time for me to take action.

So What Did I Do First?
I started doing the exact opposite of what everyone else was doing... I simply started teaching. I shared a year's worth of study, research, courses, the internet marketing work for Hwa Rang Do and $50,000 in investment Raymond and I had poured into our growth as business owners.

At first, I didn't make any big waves.

I was just focused on adding value and NEVER once promoting my opportunity.

Even my signature pointed to our website, where people were able to get even more FREE training on internet marketing through AMF.

I don't think Raymond and I were even selling our AMF course yet. We were just giving away what was practical to give away via articles on the MS site and via email newsletters to our list.

"SEO A-Bomb" Video
Then one day in the middle of November, I decided to conduct an experiment and see if I could attract some of the leaders that had established themselves on the community.

I turned on the Flip Video camera which I got when I bought MLM System Formula and recorded a video of me discussing the topic of SEO. Particularly, I discussed some pretty advanced and powerful concepts on something called Silo Structures and the Co-occurrence Matrix, ( a La Theme Zoom).

I posted the video on the community and started a thread on the forum titled, "Google Search Algorithm Cracked?"

The first response I got on the forum was from none other than Mike Dillard:
That's all the social proof I needed. The responses to that forum thread started coming from Tim Erway, Jim Yaghi, David Schwind, Shiraz Khan among many other members.

That video and the discussion on that forum was an instant hit, and quickly became the most viewed forum thread in the entire community and continues to be 'til this day.

What was even more interesting was that for the first few days, the only people commenting on that thread were the top leaders in the industry.

I think back now to the community's reaction to that video and it really seemed like everyone who had been spamming their opportunity had been frozen in their tracks, not really understanding why with one video I was able to get the attention of so many great leaders.

My experiment had worked. I specifically posted that content to attract the top leaders in the community and it ended up getting the attention of the world's top authority on internet network marketing.

Eventually, Raymond joined me on the MS Community and we became a real dynamic duo, producing valuable content for everyone to read for free. Helping thousands of entrepreneurs with their marketing and literally posting thousands of dollars worth of advice, on the forum at no charge.

Continued with Quality and Value
From that point on, Raymond and I continued to post quality content on the Magnetic Sponsoring Community, we developed a system for marketing on the site and we continued to make a name for ourselves.

Amazingly, a few days after I posted the SEO video I was on the phone speaking to Mike Dillard and Tim Erway as to how we could help them with SEO on the site as well as teaching to the MS Community on a more official basis.

Wow! To think that only a year before, I was listening to MLM Traffic Formula LIVE in my bedroom and learning from Mike, Tim and Tom just like everyone else who had purchased the course, wondering if this stuff would really work.

Our AMF brand flourished as a result of this exposure and we became the authorities on the topic of SEO in this industry, (we actually know a lot more than just SEO). ;)

Fast forward a few months later and on May 2008, Raymond and I led 100 networkers in the first (and only) MLM Traffic Formula LIVE Workshop in Austin, TX.

It was Mike's MS brand, but he stepped aside and allowed us to lead the event, develop the content and run the show. It was a huge success and now we are living the life we had dreamed of since we got started in this industry 3 years ago.

A month before the live workshop, Ray and I walked out of our corporate jobs and retired from the Aerospace Industry and left behind a cushy $80,000 per year J-O-B in exchange for our freedom and time to make a real impact in this industry.

Now It's Your Turn
Now I know I've gone on for a while sharing our story with you, but it's for a reason.

We started from nothing and used the power of social networking to achieve all this. And we did it by providing value to the MS community and following what Mike taught us via his Magnetic Sponsoring courses.

Well, now Mike has decided to start all over again, build from scratch and recently launched (replacing the Magnetic Sponsoring Community).

Powerful new features in this community now offers a ton of potential for even the newest person in this industry, an easy to use interface and a goldmine of opportunity to expose people to your business, when use correctly.

Ray and I wish to be your guide through this process and help you achieve the results you desire.

Right now, there are only two things you need to do, neither of which will cost you any money:

1) If you haven't done so already, click on and create a profile, (if you already had a Magnetic Sponsoring profile, use your same username and password).

2) Then after you have a profile, join our 'Better Networker Results' Mastermind Group for FREE.
this group on, we'll be providing you with the very best advice and strategies to make the most out of your efforts and participation in this new cutting edge community.

Along with learning from us, you'll be encouraged to take action and share your results with only this
small group of entrepreneurs so everyone can learn and use your successes to establish yourself as a leader in this industry.

Better Networker Inner Circle - By Invitation Only
After a few weeks, we'll be selecting the highest performing members to become a part of a private group called the 'Better Networker Inner Circle'.

All content, advice and memberships will be kept strictly private.

This is where we will share the exact system we initially developed to make a name for ourselves in the Magnetic Sponsoring Community, and work together as a team to apply that marketing system to the new Better Networker Community to achieve the results you want for your business.

If you still dont' believe that we are capable of producing some awesome results, check out this list when I searched for "magnetic sponsoring" on Google, today:

In SEO, there is something called an 'indented listing'. Through our work on the community and posting of content, we managed to get my profile listed in the search engines right under the Magnetic Sponsoring listing.

Unfortunately, since the MS community is no more, we'll have to start all over to produce similar results. But we're not worried... we look forward to the challenge.
Join Us!

So in conclusion, go get your profile then join our little mastermind group, and get to work. is
We've posted some articles within the group area, so you can start learning proper way to use the community to grow your business.

You can also get free training at, which includes links to every article we've ever published, and info on other resources.
Enjoy the gifts!
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Ferny Ceballos is a recovering engineer and retired from corporate America thanks to the mentorship from Mike Dillard and the entire MS team. He is now a marketing consultant, SEO Expert and active networker. You can get FREE and comprehensive internet marketing training at:

Aug 24, 2008

Controversial Evidence Of CNN Mind Control Tactics...

So it's a rare occasion... I'm sitting here poking around the net at midnight while watching a special on John McCain which was preceded by a special on Barack Obama.

Now just for the record, I'm neither a Republican or a Democrat. If anything, I'm a Libertarian and if I had my choice, I'd be voting for Ron Paul. If you're a fan of Obama, great. If you're a fan of McCain, great.

Yet as I sit here on my couch, I'm utterly shocked by what I've seen tonight...

Obama's special positioned him as a golden boy who's destined to change the world. McCain has been portrayed as the cheater, the liar, and an opportunist. His wife, as a drug addict and a thief.

Now I respect your views one way or another, and once again I'm not fans of either candidate, but what I'm witnessing is nothing short of intentional mind control...

You see, I'm watching these specials as a marketer and a copywriter, (which is in this case a script writer).

Having acquired the skill of copywriting, I'm absolutely speechless at what I'm seeing. The producer/writer of these episodes is utterly devious, and disgustingly talented...

As I watch the McCain episode, I'm just counting and listing the subconscious implants as they flood through my television...

The following words were pulled out of the McCain "report" in less than 20 minutes...

"odd couple, scandal, cheater, drug addict, divorce, would test patience and tenacity, opposition, label, lied, short votes, frustrated, anger, ugly side, constant struggle, furious, his only worry, attacks, viscous, out of wed-lock, angrily, smear, you got beat, bitter, complained, disaster, not enough resources, flirtation, repair, disastrous start, debacle, lose, combative, unpopular, calculating, oldest..."

Now Obama's turn. This is the second airing of his special, and the following words were pulled from the first 10 minutes...

"biggest crowds, under-dog, caught fire, yes we can, rock star, magnet, making history, next president of the US, unlikely candidate, possible, fascinating, opportunities, wonderful, pure Americana, spectacular, loving, sweet, right vs. wrong, strong, persistent, dream, promise, win, smart, charisma, hopeful, bright eyes, joyful, outgoing, vibrant, brilliant..."

You've got to be kidding me.

My friends, if you don't believe in the power of copywriting, subconscious implants, and persuasion, then you'd better wake-up because you're mind is being controlled by the mass media, and I've just sat here and watched it happen once again from a network that's supposed to be unbiased.

Now just in case you've fallen for that load of BS, "unbiased" doesn't exist in businesses that are out for profit, which are controlled by people who are out for power.

There's always an agenda, and if they can try to frame their twisted content as "unbiased" in order to make it more palatable for us to swallow, they will... And they do. (Every network).

In my opinion, copywriting is the most powerful skill in the world... Nuclear weapons have nothing on the hypnotic power of the spoken, persuasive word, and are in fact, servants of their verbal master.

It is the single, most valuable skill I've acquired.

If you have not invested in your copywriting skills, and mastered this power, you are spinning your wheels and for the most part... Powerless.

Powerless to engage people. Powerless to grab attention. Powerless to interact. Powerless to persuade, powerless to motivate, and powerless to sell.

Those who have mastered the skill of copywriting dominate this market. They produce the most leads, sell the most products, sponsor the most distributors, and make the most money.

If you're computer and book shelves aren't over-flowing with books and courses on writing compelling copy, you're making a HUGE mistake. That's my foundation. That's where I started and what changed everything for me.

So what should you be reading right now? Here's some of my favorite resources...

"The Ultimate Sales Letter", by Dan Kennedy. This is a simple $15 book you can find at Amazon or your local book store. It's a great first-step for everyone.

"Scientific Advertising", by Claude Hopkins. You can find the free PDF of the public domain work with a simple Google search.

"The Copywriters Guild" This is fantastic piece of work that was put together by David Garfinkel, and my business partner Tim Erway. It's an online video course so you can access the content instantly without having to wait for a book to be shipped to your home.

Obviously I'm a little biased towards CWG here, because I know the authors of this product personally, and the content is fantastic, so if you're going to take my advice and brush up on your copywriting skills, I recommend The Guild as your first stop because it's provides the biggest bang for your buck.

You may use this article to post on your blog or website as long as you do not change anything in the article including the links and full give credit to the author.Copyright © Frank Tocco 2008

Frank Toccos' - MLM Mentoring

Aug 3, 2008

The Dirty Little Secret About Attraction Marketing

Corrisa Malone posted a great article on that makes an important point about attraction marketing.

Written by Corrisa Malone
Are you ready to pull your hair out because you can't figure out why your visitors don't opt-in to your site, take action after watching your YouTube videos, and just plain outright ignore you?

Then rest assured that it's something that you can fix.

It's either something you're saying that's turning them off to you, or you're just not turning them on.

You have to learn how to speak the "language" of your prospects.It's a skill that takes time to develop.

Copywriting is that over-looked aspect that people either don't understand or just plain ignore because they think it's not important.

I think of copywriting as using words to compell your prospects/visitors to take the desired action.

Copywriting is everything, as is the words you say.

You use words to sell yourself in your videos, in your articles, on your website, in your ads, in your podcasts, in your profiles at social networking sites, and everywhere else in between.

I admit this area is not my strength.

And it may not be yours.

But it has to be something that you're striving to get better at or you're going to have a tough time getting people to respond to you.

The fact of the matter is that you can have ten or twenty website pages on the first page of Google and have over 30 videos on YouTube and still not get any significant amount of traffic or opt-ins...if people don't like what you're saying.

Attraction marketing to me is not just about putting your links all over the Internet hoping someone will click it, but about building a better you that makes people more attracted to you.

And that can be only done when you start speaking the words your prospects wants to hear; i.e. How can you solve my problem?

You answer that question in the words you write and the words you say.

That's attraction marketing.

You either begin learn this now or you'll be pulling even more of your hair out a year from now.
Trust me on this one.