Jul 25, 2008

How To Overcome Your Prospects Skepticism

I want to talk to you about something key to your overall success. A topic if understood and used persistently will surely increase your conversion rate from prospect to signup in your business.

If you are to set yourself apart from your competition thisis an extremely easy way to do it.

First you must understand that for the vast majority of your prospects are highly skeptical about you and your business and are actively looking for a way to dismiss you as someone who's just like all those others out there.

They all carry the attitude of "I've tried something like this before and it didn't work, what's going to make this go around any different?"

And well you can try to explain why you and your business are so great, but that's what the average guy does and so it's not so effective.

There is a better way, and it's actually easier than spending your time trying to verbally sell your prospect on you and your business and it's this . . .

Let your successes do the talking for you!

Here's what I mean.In all that you do be sure to archive proof of what sets you apart, any small minor success that you've had is potent weapon you can use and in fact you should be using.

If you have people on your team that you've helped achieve,ask them to write you a quick note about what they think about you.It doesn't matter if you only helped them gain one new prospect and they're excited about it, it's just as powerful to that skeptical prospect as someone saying you helped them make a million dollars.

In fact, it may even be more powerful because your prospect must first bridge the mental gap between where they are now to actually doing what you're doing and to be honest if you flash them a statement saying you helped someone recruit 20 people it may scare your prospects away.

It's to big for them at the outset.They simple need to see that what you do works and it's easy to get started and that you're a good person that others are excited to work with.

And well these little notes your team members pass you are just what they want and need to see.

Third party validation is a powerful thing. Don't underestimate it. Instead, take a couple minutes to ask your team members to shoot you a note about why they enjoy working with you.

And over the course of time you'll have more than a good reason for your prospects to join you.

Now don't think that's all you can use.

Use your own success, use your own stats, take screen shots of what's working for you and use these too. If you don't have many on your team now, well your own validation is what's going to be doing the lions share ofthe work in showing your prospects what sets you apart from
the other guy that just tries to hype them over the phone.

Your prospects want the truth, provide that and the hardest part of your work is done.

Frank Tocco--MLM Mentor

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