Aug 24, 2008

Controversial Evidence Of CNN Mind Control Tactics...

So it's a rare occasion... I'm sitting here poking around the net at midnight while watching a special on John McCain which was preceded by a special on Barack Obama.

Now just for the record, I'm neither a Republican or a Democrat. If anything, I'm a Libertarian and if I had my choice, I'd be voting for Ron Paul. If you're a fan of Obama, great. If you're a fan of McCain, great.

Yet as I sit here on my couch, I'm utterly shocked by what I've seen tonight...

Obama's special positioned him as a golden boy who's destined to change the world. McCain has been portrayed as the cheater, the liar, and an opportunist. His wife, as a drug addict and a thief.

Now I respect your views one way or another, and once again I'm not fans of either candidate, but what I'm witnessing is nothing short of intentional mind control...

You see, I'm watching these specials as a marketer and a copywriter, (which is in this case a script writer).

Having acquired the skill of copywriting, I'm absolutely speechless at what I'm seeing. The producer/writer of these episodes is utterly devious, and disgustingly talented...

As I watch the McCain episode, I'm just counting and listing the subconscious implants as they flood through my television...

The following words were pulled out of the McCain "report" in less than 20 minutes...

"odd couple, scandal, cheater, drug addict, divorce, would test patience and tenacity, opposition, label, lied, short votes, frustrated, anger, ugly side, constant struggle, furious, his only worry, attacks, viscous, out of wed-lock, angrily, smear, you got beat, bitter, complained, disaster, not enough resources, flirtation, repair, disastrous start, debacle, lose, combative, unpopular, calculating, oldest..."

Now Obama's turn. This is the second airing of his special, and the following words were pulled from the first 10 minutes...

"biggest crowds, under-dog, caught fire, yes we can, rock star, magnet, making history, next president of the US, unlikely candidate, possible, fascinating, opportunities, wonderful, pure Americana, spectacular, loving, sweet, right vs. wrong, strong, persistent, dream, promise, win, smart, charisma, hopeful, bright eyes, joyful, outgoing, vibrant, brilliant..."

You've got to be kidding me.

My friends, if you don't believe in the power of copywriting, subconscious implants, and persuasion, then you'd better wake-up because you're mind is being controlled by the mass media, and I've just sat here and watched it happen once again from a network that's supposed to be unbiased.

Now just in case you've fallen for that load of BS, "unbiased" doesn't exist in businesses that are out for profit, which are controlled by people who are out for power.

There's always an agenda, and if they can try to frame their twisted content as "unbiased" in order to make it more palatable for us to swallow, they will... And they do. (Every network).

In my opinion, copywriting is the most powerful skill in the world... Nuclear weapons have nothing on the hypnotic power of the spoken, persuasive word, and are in fact, servants of their verbal master.

It is the single, most valuable skill I've acquired.

If you have not invested in your copywriting skills, and mastered this power, you are spinning your wheels and for the most part... Powerless.

Powerless to engage people. Powerless to grab attention. Powerless to interact. Powerless to persuade, powerless to motivate, and powerless to sell.

Those who have mastered the skill of copywriting dominate this market. They produce the most leads, sell the most products, sponsor the most distributors, and make the most money.

If you're computer and book shelves aren't over-flowing with books and courses on writing compelling copy, you're making a HUGE mistake. That's my foundation. That's where I started and what changed everything for me.

So what should you be reading right now? Here's some of my favorite resources...

"The Ultimate Sales Letter", by Dan Kennedy. This is a simple $15 book you can find at Amazon or your local book store. It's a great first-step for everyone.

"Scientific Advertising", by Claude Hopkins. You can find the free PDF of the public domain work with a simple Google search.

"The Copywriters Guild" This is fantastic piece of work that was put together by David Garfinkel, and my business partner Tim Erway. It's an online video course so you can access the content instantly without having to wait for a book to be shipped to your home.

Obviously I'm a little biased towards CWG here, because I know the authors of this product personally, and the content is fantastic, so if you're going to take my advice and brush up on your copywriting skills, I recommend The Guild as your first stop because it's provides the biggest bang for your buck.

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