Dec 8, 2008

10 Reasons People Start an Online Business

Job security is one reason why people will shy away from starting a home based business. People fear making mistakes and want to avoid disappointment if their online business fails.

What most people don't realize is that job security is a myth. Most jobs today are not permanent and people may change jobs 3 to 10 times within their lifetime. The idea that someone can work their entire lives for a company and the companywill take care of them whe they retire is unrealistic and its foolish to depend on such a plan to care for your needs in the future.

Seeking and creating additional sources of income that we own or control is smart and sometimes crucial to our financial well-being. The key point here is asource of income that we own or control which means no one can take it away from us.

People start businesses online for different reasons and the top ten reasons for starting and online business are:

1. Unsatisfied With Their Current Job
The reasons why people are unhappy at their current occupations include: being underpaid and overworked,feeling unchallenged, tired of office politics,conflicts with co-workers or no chance for promotion. This leads to dissatisfaction and some will look towards a home based business to give them more control over their lives.

2. Loss of Job
Company downsizing and cutbacks force some people out of a job. Maybe an injury put them out of work or they were incapable of fulfilling their duties at their present occupation. Pure neccessity could have forced them to have to start a businessto support themselves or their family and give them a steady income.

3. Becoming Financially Independent
Some people have so much debt that they have to start a business or drown in debt.They have to sink or swim and so they are searching for ways to start a home based business to get out of debt.

4. Looking for Part-Time Work
A home business can just be a way to make a little extra money on the side. That money could be for a nice vacation, a new car, for a child's education or just for a rainy day.

5. Recent Retiree
An online business would be great for a retired person who has completed a chapter in their life and is ready to start a new one. They could be looking for a new challenge or a way to invest some money.

6. Saving for Retirement
For individuals that are realizing that retirement is not far away and they need some extra income to help make their retirement dreams come true. An online business could help a person retire earlier.

7. Single Mom or Stay at Home Mom
A mother who can't afford daycare, or understands the importance of being at home with her children, but needs to earn income as well. A home based business will allow her to financially support her children and family.

8. Portable Business
Some people just want out of the office and are seeking the freedom to do something on their own . An online business is a great alternative because one could essentially work anywhere with a laptop and wireless network connection.

9. Low Cost to Start Up
For the entrepreneur that has great ideas but a limited budget, an internet business is a perfect option. With an online business one would need a PC, an internet connection, a webpage and hosting once the business picks up. Starting an online business requires such an inexpensive start up cost that anyone can get started.

10. Freedom and Flexibility
Someone that doesn't like routine boring jobs or sucking up to a boss then a home based business makes a great option. As the business owner they would be the boss, they could work with who they want to, vacation when they wanted, work flexible hours, decide what time to spend with their family and when. With an online business one could go global and once the business is successful they may benefit from acquiring residual income.

Online businesses lend themselves to a variety of lifestyles. There are many more reasons to start an online business and any one of the above reasons would be great motivation. Realize that with any occupation there is risk but if you are passionate about what you do and you have drive you can't help but succeed!

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Frank Tocco--Marketing Mentor
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