Mar 15, 2009

New Twitter Followers On Autopilot

I just found this website that Bonnie Waters shared with me on Twitter.

I signed up for free last night at 9:30PM and already it's working to bring me followers on Twitter.

It is put together by Gary McCaffrey. Creator of Paul Birdsall, Rex Harris and alot of big hitters online are using it.

It's only been 12 hours and the tweets are rolling in.

I'll give you a full report in 30 days of how well it works and if it lives up to it's promises but it costs nothing, and hasn't sent me one single SPAM or email at all.

In fact, the website didn't ask for my email even.

14 hours later.....

I have 14 followers so far!

And You DON'T Have To Start Following Thousands Of People To Get Them!

Just a quick Tweet can make it happen.

So how does this system work?

Click on my Name and see.

Frank Tocco

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