Mar 4, 2009

Once And For All, Let's Define Relationship Building in Network Marketing

Melanie Kissell challenges us on the whole concept of "make friends and build relationships with all the folks you prospect, talk to".Apparently, she's so sick and tired of hearing that she'll implode AND explode... at the same time!
If I hear another person touting that network marketing is all about relationship building, I'm going to implode and explode ... simultaneously!

Are you in network marketing to make money? Or make friends?

Answer this question honestly. Why would someone try to get thousands of followers on Twitter or cram a gazillion friends on their Facebook roster? Does anyone need more than 2 seconds to think about it??

Most people I pose this question to give me the same old cookie cutter response - "I'm making friends and building relationships." No, you're not. You're building a LIST. And everyone on your list can look forward to receiving ads (in one form or another) for your products, services, or business opportunity.

Is there anything wrong with that? Of course, not. Anyone who produces a weekly ezine, for example, absolutely needs to have a LIST of subscribers to mail the darn thing to!

Seriously, folks, is it humanly possible to "build relationships" with thousands of people? The last time I checked, I had only two hands, two feet, one voice, and 24 hours in a day on my clock - and that's not nearly enough time to maintain relationships with my own children!

Some marketers are being led down a dead end road by being told that they need to work really hard on building relationships with their prospects. Oh, brother. There's only one thing and one thing only you need to do with prospects - Find out if your business opportunity and/or products are right for them. That's it. Nothing more.

Does that mean you should be rude? No. Insensitive? No. Disrespectful? No.

You should be polite, professional, and conversational, but crystal clear on your objective. This can be accomplished quickly and effectively by asking a few simple questions. A relationship with a prospect does not need to linger on for weeks or months. That would be time consuming, labor intensive, and downright ridiculous.

So let's define relationship building in network marketing.

The people that you need to build vibrant, healthy, lasting relationships with are the people that join you in your business or become your customers. That's when the relationship building begins. These are the folks that deserve your time, energy, and effort in getting to know, like, and trust you.

You have a vested interest in them and a responsibility to build a relationship with them. Hopefully, one that will transform into a friendship and last a lifetime.

To Your Network Marketing success,
Melanie Kissell

Thanks Melanie for this insightful article.

Now Chris Nwakobi has this comment add. What do you believe most?


Relationship Building Sounds Less Threatening than List Building

If any of us called some prospects and said; "Oh, I want to add you to my list", the phone will must likely be slammed on us. If, on the other hand, we offer something to establish some trust, credibility may be established - building relationship.

List building is temporary, will almost look like coupons to stores that last a definite time period. Conveying the message of trust in relationship building with business associates, friends, relatives or social networking groups is at the very center of relationship building and successful network marketing.

Successful doctors go into medicine, to heal and the money comes and not for the money. teahers go into that profession to educate and not for the money.

So, if we go into network marketing, but make friends first; don't you believe we will be more successful?

I agree that we are all in this for the money, using the list mentality, will be like hunting. When animals are hunted, they run away. While, if we use the relationship mentality, it will be like fishing. When you put the right bate, the fishes will bite.

Chris Nwakobi

Both are great points of view... Tell us what you believe by posting a comment below...

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