Apr 15, 2009

Robert Kiyosaki LIVE - Part 2

I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that part 2 of my interview with Robert Kiyosaki is now live.

In this segment, Robert explains the B-I Triangle and why context is just as, if not MORE important than content. By context I mean the mission of the company, the team involved and the leadership.These pieces are more directly responsible for the success of the company than anything else.

The content is the product, legal, systems (business, IT),communications (PR, marketing), and cash flow (accounting). Theseare what Robert refers to at the MBA portion of the business. All of them are extremely important.

However, the one thing new business owners focus on the MOST, is the product.

In this clip Robert explains that the product is the smallest and most insignificant piece of a business.

The example he uses is McDonalds. The hamburgers they sell are really, very bad. But the business systems and context they have created makes it a great business. In fact, one of the best on the planet.
Check out the video here I hope you enjoy the interview.

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