Sep 5, 2008

How do the Wealthy Get that Way?

The Secret Knowledge Of The Wealthy

I still have that MLM downline and even though I haven't actively worked with them since 2000, I still get a very healthy annual income from the effort I put into building the organization. Now, that's true residual income!

I achieved this success by figuring out how to not only overcome the common objections you get when you present your MLM business, but how to prevent them from coming up in the first place!

The only problem was, I could do it but it wasn't that easy to teach my downline to do it.

One day I had a new distributor join my organization named Donna. Donna and I sat down and did a Goals planning session. Donna told me that her dream was to buy back the family farm that her mother had lost due to financial troubles. The farm had been in the family for six generations and her mother just felt terrible that she had lost it. Donna's goal was to get the farm back.

This goal really touched my heart and I was determined to work aggressively with Donna and help her reach her goal. But two days later, it was as though Donna just came up missing. She wasn't returning my calls. I couldn't reach her. It stung me, it hurt really, really bad that she was now ignoring me.

I realized that what was happening to me was also happening to others. You know, you will be telling somebody about your company and it's in a trillion dollar industry and you've got exclusive products that nobody else has . . . . but you look at the person and it's as though you're speaking a foreign language - nothing connects.

And you think, "They don't get it. What's wrong? What didn't I say right?"

Well, through thousands and thousands of one-on-ones, I discovered that people go through certain phases and it's always the same. They have to become aware of a subject before they can become educated in a subject before they can take responsibility for the subject.

So, it always goes - awareness, education and then to responsibility.

The reason that someone cannot hear the information that you're saying often times is because they're not educated to even know what to listen for.

You see, the biggest challenge is this - the prospects that you're talking to, if they could be wealthy, they already would be.

Are you missing the secret knowledge of the wealthy?

"USA Today" ran a survey called "How do the Wealthy Get that Way?".

What do you think the number one answer was? Would you believe that the number one way people thought you could become wealthy was to win the lottery? Number two was to inherit it.

Hard work didn't even make the list! That's the problem! When anyone puts the responsibility for their income outside of themselves, then they've lost the control.

Give your MLM prospect the ability to know that they can control their income. Wealth is not a mystery. It's a formula and this presentation explains that formula, without mentioning network marketing.

Help your prospect to understand from the very beginning that if they choose to own their own business as a way to wealth, they must invest in their business because when you're in business you've got to make yourself known.

Anyone who comes into your business and is unwilling to invest in products, advertising, buying leads, etc. - why, you did yourself no good by sponsoring them.

If you're a new distributor, you've probably been told to make a list of 200 people you know and call them up and tell them how excited you are about your product and/or your company. I don't know of a faster way to failure.

Your excitement alone is not usually enough.

You've got to know what to say and how to handle the objections that come up.

You're brand new. You don't know these things yet and statistically, only 3% to 5% of new distributors can handle the repeated rejection and failure and give up before getting through the learning curve.

There is a solution to this and that solution is tools and mentors. Tools sort through the objections that a new distributor encounters when starting their business and attracts people looking to generate additional income.

Mentors have oversome common obsticales and more importantly, have helped other distributors overcome obsticals and can provide a proven road map to success.

Follow in someone’s footsteps and DO what they have done and you will HAVE what they have. So people need to understand that this is true even if they are not aware of it. Just like the saying, ‘’You are what you eat”, you are also what you read, think and associate with.

Associate with wealthy people and do what they do, read what they read and think how they think and soon you will have what they have. It’s as simple as that.

Frank Tocco—MLM Mentor

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