Sep 11, 2008

How To Dominate Any Social Community Forum, Gain Tons of Raving Fans, and Produce A Consistent Flood Of Free Traffic to Your Site

So a couple of weeks ago, I talked to you about the incredible opportunity to learn the most cutting edge web 2.0 strategies from our crack team of experts, so you can learn to generate 10-20 leads per day and establish yourself as an industry leader on Better Networker.

Well, the good news is that the time is here, so warm up the printer, grab a snack, print this sucker and get your highlighter out. You're guaranteed a REAL education...

Now, the only problem we had was trying to decide what we should teach you first.

There are SOOO many opportunities available to drive free traffic to your website on Better Networker, I was literally tripping over myself coming up with a starting point.
But then I remembered back to when I got started with this community and I got to thinking about what made the most difference in our profitability and branding, and then the choice was obvious...

Getting Instant 'Street Cred' and Traffic

When you think about, where else do you have an opportunity to interact and get advice from the top trainers in our industry?

Where else can you can you gain instant credibility by engaging a Todd Falcone, Rod Nichols or Mike Dillard in an exchange of ideas?

And where else can you tap into the 17,000 members in this community and expose your opportunity to thousands?

Quite honestly, my biggest break in the Web 2.0 world came from a single forum post on this community, which resulted in a flood of leads and some of the most powerful (and profitable) partnerships and JVs in the history of network marketing.

In fact, the reason I’ve been asked to lead you down this Web 2.0 rabbit hole is because you’ll be hard pressed to find anyone who can do this better than me.

Not that I’m boasting or anything… (OK, maybe a little.) ;)
But seriously, if you want to learn forum marketing, you don’t need to take out your wallet to pay some guru for a generic and outdated course.
Your primer is all right here for you… let’s get going.

Log on to:
... or visit me there at

Uncovering the Built-in Traffic on the BN Forums

Let's begin by starting a new topic on the forum. Make sure that it relates to an interesting topic or piece of industry news. You may even want to use this new topic to begin an open discussion about an article, video, blog post or podcast you recently wrote.

Notice I said “you recently wrote”. If you spent time putting together something you put thought into creating, people would love to hear about it and give you some feedback.

And if you want to share and comment on a great article you just finished reading (from a community member or from an external source), the forum is a great place to begin a discussion, engage others and draw a steady flow of people towards your capture page.

When you post on an advanced or compelling topic, and can get a multi-millionaire to take part in a discussion, you’ll not only gain the benefit of their teaching, it also means that something YOU started was important enough for a Todd Falcone or Mike Dillard to respond to. That's HUGE!

When this starts happening, your alpha leader status on the community will immediately skyrocket and you’ll have people seeking out you out and wanting your mentorship -- guaranteed.

Also, don’t be afraid to cross-promote your articles, videos and podcasts on the forum as long as it’s bringing value to the community.


We’ve given FULL MODERATOR rights to a handful of trusted leaders within the forum and
any abuse will immediately get flagged by them, deleted and your membership on BN could possibly get suspended. (Don't mess with me on this one. I mean it!)

Rule of thumb with anything is always ‘add value’ and you’ll be fine.

How to 'Hijack' Active Forum Threads and 'Siphon' Traffic

One of the BIG opportunities you have to bring tons of traffic and leads to yourself is by contributing to an ongoing conversation with a good number of participants. You gotta realize that everyone who has replied to that thread will get a notification in their email inbox as soon as you post to that forum thread.

So literally with a post that took you less than a minute to write, you can have a flood of returning readers come check out what you had to add, on that particular topic.

But be careful with this tactic. If you are just posting, to post and not adding real value, you could be driving your alpha leader status straight into the ground and discouraging people on that thread from returning.

Most of the people who’ve posted on that thread have chosen to receive a notification via email when there is a new post to that thread. The more valuable any new content on that thread is, the more likely those readers will come back to read what’s new and the more likely others will join the participation in that thread.

From that point on, at any time in the future, you may come back to that thread and attract a small flood of readers to any comment, or article which is relevant to that thread. Make sure that anything you contribute is adding to the discussion.

If you are an active forum participant, you’ll be able to build up some valuable “real-estate” of forum threads, which you can then use to drive up your readership by a few dozen to hundred people per day to any new valuable piece of content you’ve produced. All this of course can lead to some big traffic...

The Only Time It's Totally Cool to Blatantly Pitch Your Biz

And of course, what would readership be without being able to lead those people to your website or capture page so you can generate leads for your business opportunity

Within the forum, you’ll be able to configure a custom “signature” box, which will be displayed under every single forum post you make. This signature can be anything, including a blatant promo for your business opportunity.

This is totally cool, as long as you keep any promos within the signature. I’ve seen people promoting their favorite presidential candidate or even a favorite quote. It’s all fair game, (short of anything that may be offensive).

What will boost your results even more is if you incorporate some compelling copywriting strategies. Writing a good signature ad, is a lot like writing a good Google Adwords ad.
You always want to convey to people “what’s in it for them” and creating curiosity.

So after you’ve created value for people on the forum, attracted other leaders into a discussion, people will definitely want to know who you are and what you are working on. The signature provides them an opportunity to visit your website and become a lead.

To setup your signature on the forum, log on to Better Networker and go to the Forum tab.

Click on 'User Control Panel'. Go to 'Profile' ==> Edit Signature

Click on the 'BBCode' link for instructions on formatting your signature.

And above all else, use the opportunity you have on the forum to learn from your peers, help each other, network and promote a real sense of community.

You want to make sure that the Better Networker Forum is viewed as a safe place where people can come to get help from honest and genuine folks. There are so many posers and scammers out there, your contribution to this community could really make the difference in someone else’s life who is struggling to make sense of all the noise on the internet. Not to mention that the more quality posts you make, the bigger the flow of people roaming the forums who will see your signature and click over to your website.

So logon to Better Networker and start building your forum real estate empire:

I'll be back soon with more cool stuff. Laters,
Frank Tocco--MLM Mentor

You may use this article to post on your blog or website as long as you do not change anything in the article including the links and full give credit to the author.

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