Oct 17, 2008

Generate Immediate Cashflow And MLM Leads With A Funded Proposal System

If your still building your MLM Network Marketing Business using outdated old school methods taught by your upline, and still struggling, then it is time to step your game up and get started with a MLM Funded Proposal system.

Most MLM or Network Marketing Companies teach the same basic system. I'm sure, if you're involved in MLM you recognize the training system that teaches things like building your 100 names list, purchasing leads, cold calling, 3 way calling, the 3 foot rule, hotel meetings and many other old school outdated techniques. Now I'm not saying they don’t work, they do, just not for most people.

If you've tried these methods and failed, or just don’t want to use these techniques, you should really start looking into a internet based funded proposal system for your network marketing business. If you do a google search for "what is a funded proposal" you will quickly be overwhelmed by the dozens of options available on the market. I recommend the "Magnetic Sponsoring System", but you can go and try to find your own if you choose...

Here are guidelines when looking for a Internet Network Marketing or MLM System:

1. Generic Prospecting System - Unless you can find a quality system that is built specifically for your MLM business, you will want to look for a MLM system that is generic. By being generic it will allow you to market any business in case you change in the future - always something to consider, you must protect yourself and your business.

2. A Funded Proposal System - Since it can take some time for your residual income to really kick in from your network marketing business, you need a way to generate cashflow immediately and outside of your MLM business. By generating instant cashflow it will help both you and your future business partners to be in a position of power and strength. This will allow you to stay in the game long enough to enjoy the benefits of the residual income that your network marketing business will provide.

3. Traffic Generation Training - If the system comes with a step by step training system and team training, this will also benefit you. You will not have to spend so much time training new business partners, which will allow you to continue to focus on your business.

By plugging into a great MLM system it will also allow you to establish and brand yourself as a leader. People will join you and your team because they know you, like you, and trust you or because you have a system in place that they can see themselves easily plugging into.

Now that you can see the benefits of plugging into a MLM Funded Proposal System, get out there and get busy growing your business using one of the top notch systems available!

I recommend combining the Magnetic Sponsoring System. Anyone in any company can use this generic recruiting system to produce endless leads, instant cashflow, and sponsor more reps faster and easier than they ever thought possible.
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