Oct 19, 2008

How You Can Build a Deeper Relationship with More People by Generating Your Own Leads vs. The Warm Market

There are many reasons why many distributors believe the friends and family methods of prospecting allows you to build a deeper relationship then generating your own leads.
After all, you already have a deep relationship with friends and family.

Even if the prospect is only a referral from your warm market or someone you met using the 3 foot rule, you still have the ability to build a deeper relationship in person.

Isn’t that the best relationship you can build when prospecting for your network marketing business?

It is, but the challenge is this thought process neglects one critical point.

Prospects generated from friends and family, referrals and 3 foot rule prospecting are not targeted prospects.

This means you have no idea whether they would be interested in the business until you expose them.

This causes you to waste lots of time on people who are not interested or not right for your network marketing business because you have no way of pre-qualifying them before you prospect them.

Now there’s certainly a right way and a warm way to build an organization using online network marketing for generating your own leads.

There are many people who have build the business the wrong way.

They are so reliant on technology that they neglect the personal relationship that is so important in this industry.

While you can certainly grow a organization fast using online marketing strategies if you fail to cultivate the relationship, these organizations typically don’t last.

In the early days of the internet, the internet attracted a lot of people who wanted to use the sheer large numbers to generate a tremendous amount of leads for their network marketing business.
Relationships meant nothing under this scenario.

The name of the game was to expose as many people as possible and hope that some stick around and produce.

While this type of strategy works very well if you are participating in some type of affiliate marketing program, this strategy is a recipe for disaster if you are building a MLM business.

With MLM, in order to build an organization that lasts, you must invest in developing your leadership skills and building a deeper relationship with the members of your network marketing organization.
There is a saying in the network marketing industry that is very true.

It goes like this…
“People join for the money but they stay for the relationships.”

By taking the time to build deeper relationships with your prospects and distributors you will have a larger amount that sticks around and your network marketing organization will be more productive and effective as a result.

With the internet, you can leverage it to generate your own leads while actually building closer relationships with more people.

This will have a long term lasting power to build a team in MLM if you decide to build your business in this fashion.

There are many ways you can build a deeper relationship online.

For instance, you can create a Squidoo lens or a hub page about a particular topic of interest that would also interest prospects for your network marketing business.

By providing great content on this topic, your prospect will want to learn more.

They will come to your page where hopefully you will have some type of lead capture page where they can fill out their name and email address and get on your list for automatic email follow up.

Generating your own leads is great, but won't do you much good if you don't follow up with them.

The email follow up is key as this is how you continue to build and grow the relationship.

Your prospect will come to expect and look forward to your emails.

Some of them will actually write you back and you can build a relationship that way.

Other examples of content pages that you can use to spark that initial interest are blogs, a web site as well as social networking web sites like myspace.com and facebook.com.

By using these strategies for generating your own leads, you can indeed build deeper relationships, and more of them, than you could ever do using other methods.

This is because the emails and the system can go through a much larger number of prospects than you could do on your own.

The key is to leverage the internet properly to generate your own leads.

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