Nov 17, 2008

Getting PAID To Generate Leads That Respond To Your Offers

People in a network marketing business usually lose enthusiasm building their business because they either:

(1) Run out of leads
(2) Run out of money while trying to generate more leads.

A common problem with struggling marketers is paying for leads that are not responsive to the offer the marketer is promoting. Frustrated, the marketer gives up.

So, how do you generate responsive leads without going broke? Why, you get them to pay you of course. This is called a funded proposal system. In other words you get PAID to generate leads regardless if they join your network marketing company or not.

It’s very simple. What network marketers want is more leads, and more cash. A funded proposal system teaches network marketing prospects how to generate more leads and more cash - exactly what all network marketers want to learn all about.

People who use a funded proposal system are able to build a relationship with other network marketers - people already SOLD on the idea of network marketing and looking for a leader to follow.

Effective funded proposals position the marketer as a leader who provides solutions to a problem, in front of people who already have a need, a desire, and are actively looking for a solution to their problem. This targets a generic network marketing crowd.

This is a business about marketing pursued by people who have never marketed anything before. They need help by someone that knows what they are doing and will hold them by the hand to show them how it is done. The alternative would be for the networker to learn by trail and error, a very costly and frustrating course to take.

With this in mind, a highly effective funded proposal would do well to attract network marketers if it teaches how to market products and generate leads.

Someone who has invested the time, money and effort to learn how to generate quality targeted leads has information that is of great value to someone just starting out in MLM and needs new leads to grow their business. Leads cost money unless the method used to generate leads also generates money. This is where the FUNDED part of a funded proposal comes in.

Your funded proposal needs to have three parts.

(1) A low-cost high volume retail product for under $50 that pays for your advertising and generates a constant source of MLM leads for you.

(2) A medium to high cost backend product that pays your bills and makes you money.

(3) A network marketing opportunity that creates long term, exponential, residual income and grows your downline organization.

You see, the average person can not afford to pay for the costs of marketing their business while they learn to build it, eventually spending themselves out of business with advertising costs before their business has a chance to grow into a profit. A funded proposal generates the needed cash flow to keep the expenses of advertising going until the business pays for itself.

Most people just advertise their network marketing business or website and hope someone joins, while a true leader solves peoples problems. People will always pay for solutions and convenience. So a good funded proposal makes network marketers lives easier or offers a solution to their most pressing challenges.

If they are willing to invest in your program (even if they do not join your network marketing company ), the system pays you a commission based on the sale. So not only are you getting great targeted leads of people interested in what you have to offer but, you get a generous income as well.

Tracy Hamilton, who I was having a discussion with on Home Based Business Forums is right when she says:

I think that one of the benefits that you should look for in programs that offer the "funded proposal" strategy is... You want to find one that let's you brand Yourself.

Branding yourself as the expert in network marketing, or anything for that matter , is effective but only if you are an expert. Faking it will eventually be seen through and only hurt your reputation. Branding yourself is the way to go but pretending to be someone you're not is business suicide.

People would much rather be associated with honest people working together to build a business than dishonest posers.We all have to start somewhere and following a leader makes good business sense. Just make sure that you give credit where credit is due if you're passing along information that you got from someone else.

For example, if you are copying something from a funded proposal that one of the leaders in that system shares with you and you copy it verbatum and just erase and add your name to it, that is not branding yourself. That is plagarism. It would be much better to give credit to the person.Branding yourself takes time and persistence. So dont stop and be patient.

Frank Tocco--MLM Mentoring
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