Nov 25, 2008

Teens and Social Media Report

Social Media is the new Website 2.0 and everybody is doing it. One of the largest groups using social media are teens age 12 to 17. Over 93% of teens use the internet and they are ahead of the curve of treating it as a venue for social interaction.

This Pew Internet And American Life Project Report has found that 55% of online teens havecreated a profile on a social networking site like FaceBook or MySpace; 47% have uploaded photos and 14% have posted videos.

Teens and Social Media: Summary of Findings at a Glance

The use of social media – from blogging to online social networking to creation of all kinds of digital material – is central to many teenagers’ lives.

Girls continue to lead the charge as the teen blogosphere grows; 28% of online teens have created a blog, up from 19% in 2004.

The growth in blogs tracks with the growth in teens’ use of social networking sites, but they do not completely overlap.

Online boys are avid users of video-sharing websites such as YouTube, and boys are more likely than girls to upload.

Digital images – stills and videos – have a big role in teen life.Posting images and video often starts a virtual conversation. Most teens receive some feedback on the content they post online.

Most teens restrict access to their posted photos and videos – at least some of the time. Adults restrict access to the same content less often.

In the midst of the digital media mix, the landline is still a lifeline for teen social life.

Multi-channel teens layer each new communications opportunity on top of pre-existing channels.

Email continues to lose its luster among teens as texting, instant messaging, and social networking sites facilitate more frequent contact with friends.

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