Nov 17, 2008

Help Your Partners Succeed At A Higher Level

This just in from Daegan Smith...

For those of you who don't know Daegan, "The King Of Never Calling A Single Lead" he is truely a leader in the Network Marketing industry.
Without further ado, here's Daegan.

Today I want to take a step back and just share a few things that I think can help you out along the way.

The home business industry isn't so much about the big numbers you or I could pull in,it's about what you or I can help the next person do, so let me share a few secrets that you can use today to help your partners succeed at a higher level.

1. Knowledge duplication: Make sure yourknowledge duplicates to it's fullest extent.What you know will go a lot farther if theguy 10 levels deep can have access to iteasily, so make sure everyone on your teamknows what you know.

Start a blog and post all your home business result there for your team.

Create a team marketing guide with your best practices and be sure to pass it along to all your partners and have them pass it along to all their partners.

Hold live meetings and show and tell. Once a week bring the team together and show them what's working for you instead of just telling them. A picture is worth a thousand words, and this can be easily achieved these days with webinar software.

2. Make everything super simple: I used to think giving every last detail of everything I knew was important to duplication. It'snot. If you give to much you risk confusing your new team members, so I stick to just sharing the exact PROCESSES and NOT strategies (these are different) to make things easiest for your team to succeed.

Let me explain the difference.
Processes are what to do. Strategies are how and why. Your new team member doesn't need to fill his or her head with every contingency of what you know to succeed. Keep things simple for them and they will succeed faster.

I try, but sometimes fail, to keep all videos that I share as training less than 5 minutes to make things super simple. You should strive to do the same.

3. Invoke Passion: For your team members to know you care you've got to show them. Don't be afraid to put your heart on the line. Put yourself out there. Leave yourself vulnerable and you'll gain strength. In all your messages to your team share why what you're doing together with them is so important.

What it really means to you and, in that,they'll discover what it means to them.

Be yourself and give all you've got. Have a team mission. Share your story and remindy our team members of it often.

This business isn't totally mechanical. It's built around living human beings just like you, and we need a flame, we need a spark.

You've got to be that spark for them. Find the strength in them they didn't even know they had.
Do these things and you and your partners will thrive.

They'll carry your energy and sense of community down deep and you'll have an organization empassioned to grow. When that happens look out . . .

Don't just get the lead getting and recruiting right.
Get this stuff right and then and ONLY then will you be a true home business professional.

Thanks for this insightful post Daegan and look forward to more.

Frank Tocco--MLM Mentoring


Bob Firestone said...

To build a team you need to create a culture of success. Al lthe guides and showing your team examples of success all come down to creating the culture where people believe it can happen so it does happen.

Anonymous said...

Belief is a big part of success that's for sure.