Nov 19, 2008

Words That Sell Like Crazy And Will Add Sizzle To Your Ad Copy!

I feel that what I am going to present in this article is very powerful and important for you to remember.

Always remember that powerful copy is what’s going to sell your product. What you sell is very important, but how you sell it is more important.

That’s the one thing I harp on that you need to learn - to write powerful sales copy. If you don’t want to write it, pay someone else to do it for you. I get frustrated when I see people who are trying to make money in direct response and Internet marketing trying to write their own sales copy without really knowing how to do it.

You need to either learn how to write advertising or take the time to hire someone who can do it right for you, because it is the most important part of your entire sales presentation. If people don’t like the copy, and the copy’s not compelling, they’re not going to buy from you!

So with that in mind, I am giving you 42 power words that sell like crazy and will add sizzle to your ad copy.

I am going to briefly summarize, and then I’ll give you all of the words so you can go back. I want to give you as many as possible. There are probably hundreds more of them. In fact, there are books called “Words That Sell” that you should probably have in your library. But, if you can read this article again and again and try to incorporate these words in whole or partially into all your ads and sales letters, you will be more successful.

One thing I just want to reiterate - you should always incorporate use “you” copy. Always tell the reader what is in it for them! In fact, I read sales letters on the Internet and even in direct mail where people talk about “what I will give you.”

“I will give you this when you buy my package. I will give you that.” That is totally the wrong approach! Instead of saying, “I will give you.” all you have to do is turn it around and say, “You will get...” and it makes all the difference in the world!

By just changing a few words - taking the “I's” and the “me’s” out and changing it to the “you’s” - you can do a much more powerful job of selling your products. It’s much more valuable to say that than to try to come across as the “I will give you’s...”

With that in mind, I am going to go ahead and get to my list of 42. I’ve got a lot of them here! Now you can check them off as you use them throughout your sales letter so you can make sure to get some of these powerful words in.

It is not enough to simply have a sales letter. It needs to have powerful words in it! So here are 42 power words, and there are a lot more of them out there. These are some of the words I think are vitally important, powerful words!

Okay, here we go:
- Suddenly

- Challenge
- Special
- 100% money back
- Now- Compare
- Ultimate
- Boost
- Announcing
- Bargain
- Wanted
- Introducing
- Hurry
- Plus
- Increase
- Improvement
- Startling
- Amazing
- Surefire
- Practical
- Sensational
- Easy
- Discount
- Profitable
- Revolutionary
- Instantly
- No-risk
- Important
- Secret
- Miracle
- Surprising
- Valuable
- Magic
- Warning
- Insider
- Bonus
- Free
- New
- Easy
- Proven
- Discovery
- You

There's a lot there! I think two of the most important ones you can use in your ad copy are probably “you” and “free.” People love to get stuff free!

Certainly, all of these are very important words. You’ll find as you write ads and sales letters certain ones will be used for certain situations and others you might not be able to use every time.

These are 42 of the most valuable power words you can use. There are many more of them that you can come across and use. That’s why keeping a swipe file is very important. If you have a swipe file full of ads, sales letters, and web sites that have sales letters on them, you will start to see which words are used over and over again. You’ll start to see power words like these being used and you’ll know that these are words you need to pick up on.

In fact, maybe you can go through your swipe file and highlight the power words, the superlatives, and special words that emphasize certain words, and just keep a note of those so you can refer back to them and have words to include in your sales letters that can increase your response.

So, I’ll keep this short. I just wanted to make sure you had those power words so you can go back and refer to them every time you need them, like when you are writing sales letters. If you have a copywriter, they should certainly know these power words and include them in your copy. Make sure they are in there!


Frank Tocco--Marketing Mentor
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James Broadfoot said...

Excellent post Frank, thanks for bringing these additional words to my attention.

Nelson Tan said...

Yes, truly helps to expand my vocab!

Frank Tocco said...

Glad you found this post helpful.
Frank Tocco--Marketing Mentor