Nov 16, 2008

What's The Fastest And Easiest Way To Attract Your Ideal Prospects?

This just in from Malika Duke from

My first thought when I read this questions was: Fastest And Easiest Way To "Get" a Prospect is to club them over the head, drag them into you network marketing business opportunity meeting and steal their credit card...

But that's also the fastest way to jail too... so, assuming you are being ethical in your prospecting and recruiting lets go over the Fastest And Easiest Way to Attract Your Ideal Prospects instead step by step.

Step 1:

Brainstorm all the immediate benefits to your will get from your product or services. In or words know your product. Does it help your ideal prospect live longer, jump farther, cure athletes foot, get longer lashes?

What problem would your prospect be immediately looking to solve when they buy your product? It would be great to start with the solution the product or services provided for you or who you bought it for like a child or parent.

This is an important step because this is how you and everyone else goes shopping on the Internet. As a matter of fact that how we buy every thing. And I'll give you an example...

I have a client who is a health juice representative. The problem the health juice immediately solved for her was Chronic Constipation. She has lived with that problem for over 10 years and had thought she'd tried everything!

Step 2:
Research your suspicions. Use keyword search tools to determine the demand and supply of the "problems" and "solutions" you brainstormed in step 1.

I 'll go back to the example above of chronic constipation... That was a real *juicy* key word. Research revealed that the demand was high and healthy enough to invest time exploring variations and the supply was low. More importantly the other website that were providing information for that keyword left a lot to be desired.

That's good news for if the same is true for the problems your product and service solve.

Step 3:

Choose the media you'd like to deliver your content about your solutions. Having your own website and or blog has many advantages if you're looking to attract prospects online. There are several free and cheap ways you can do this but that's out side the scope of this article.

Once you have a website or blog up pick your media. Do feel comfortable speaking and recording your voice? Are you a natural in front of a camera? Do you prefer to write?

It really doesn't matter which you choose because you can always convert one for into another very easily and re-purpose your content so serve your audience who will learn in different ways. Some prospects will watch your videos, other will down load a speacial report, some will listen to an interview etc.

This particular client was in a financial position to higher a freelancer to turn her audio recording into text files and she delivers pages of articles and a special report about the issues concerning chronic constipation sufferers and the ultimate solution to their problems: her product...duh!

Step 4:
Go where your potential prospects are asking questions and seeking solutions for the problems you can solve with your product/service.

So, I advised my client to look in medical forums and health forums and participate in the conversation/wellness social networks and community forums. Look to see what kinds of questions potential prospects are asking and the quality of the responses they are receiving.

Another great place to check out is and

Start answering questions and posting the valuable content you created that demonstrates to your potential prospect that you know what your talking about because of you are familiar with they problems and the *pain* of looking disparately for solid solutions.

Also don't be afraid to ask questions and start a conversation, discussion or even a group that is focused on helping this particular group of potential prospect.

Ah, yeah... I think that's it...
As long as you follow the above steps your potential prospects will start to take notice of you as a trusted adviser. Once you have that role established in their mind they will follow your links to your recommended product/service.

Regardless of how complicated setting this all up may seem to some people this is the basic formula for the fastest and easiest way to "get" prospects. It's also the way you will notice all the TOP Internet marketing leaders build their businesses now a days.

The point is to become one with your prospect. Discover how they think how they buy what promotes them to buy and present it in a way that they can get to know, like and trust you enough to take your deal.

Now, in the beginning, depending on your time and marketing budget you will choose to do some of these steps yourself or out source it to others who will do it for you.

Please notice I didn't mention to promote the specific name brand of your product or the company that you represent specifically. People rarely use that type of information to make a buying decision. If they wanted a name brand they probaly wouldn't have for you. It's all about your relationships.

Now how long will all this take? It depends on what point you are starting out, your tempement and how quickly you master each step.

If youd like to discuss a specific solution to your issue of getting prospects fast and easy, post your coments and questions here or email your favorite betternetworker in private e-mail.

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