Jun 13, 2008

5 Tips To Create A High Converting MLM Squeeze Page

Why is a lead capture page – or a ‘squeeze page’ – so important in network marketing?

A landing page is a web page designed to capture leads and contacts – potential prospects for your business. The more warm or hot leads you have, the more opportunities you have for building your network and creating the kind of business you dream of.

The squeeze page needs to have great copy and be written in an engaging and lively way. Even if you have no experience in writing sales letters or copy, you can still create a page that will pull the leads in. Read on to find out how…

‘Swiping’ is a legitimate technique used by many copywriters. They will take elements from proven squeeze pages or great sales letters and rework them. These great starters are everywhere – words like:

‘Discover How One Network Marketing Rep Made A Million…’ or
‘They Laughed When I Started In Network Marketing, But Then The Leads Started Pouring In…’.

Using these headlines, and even the body copy of great websites and then rewriting them to reflect your own business and experience isn’t plagiarism – it is simply being creative and using a proven formula to create success.

Never merely cut and paste somebody else’s words, however. This is plagiarism and not only will you loose credibility, you might get into serious trouble.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and this saying applies to web copy as much as anything. You don’t need to be an ace web designer to find a good graphic that captures the imagination and will give your squeeze page the edge. There are many copy-right free sites where you can legitimately download images for your own use. The combination of great copy and a great graphic is a winner formula every time!

What about those magic words? No, not ‘thank you’, but ‘click here’.

The reader will often respond to a simple clear instruction before their brain lets them think otherwise, so telling them to click here is a powerful way to move them through your pages of copy.

Make sure your click here button is positioned correctly and that it takes the reader exactly where you want them to go to next. There are other magic words you can use, such as ‘sign me up!’ and ‘send me my free report’. These allow the reader to get involved with the page and lead on to your goal – collecting contacts and leads.

Those who regularly surf the internet get used to seeing the same things and often move on after only the first glance at a page. If you don’t want this to happen you need to get their details as early as possible – remember, the purpose of the page is to collect details of leads and contacts.

Try places striking arrows to draw the attention to the boxed where you want the reader to enter their names and details. This way there is less chance of them missing the chance to find out more – and less chance of you missing out on them.

Lastly, make sure you use as many catchy testimonials as you can. This is a great way to give your copy weight and to draw the reader in.

Use these tips to get everything you can out of your landing page. The prospect may only visit it once and you don’t want to let them get away.

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