Jun 17, 2008

Five Tips for Staying on Top

There's no question that if you're involved in this industry that you want to get to the top...right?

We all have are reasons...and we also ALL have our views of what it really means to be at the top. Getting there is a journey of hard work, discipline, commitment, and personal development.

Once you get there, wherever "there" is for you, you want to do all you can to STAY there. Often trainers talk about and how to get there…even I do. What I wanted to do in this training is talk about what you need to be doing in order to stay there, once you arrive.

Imagine working for five years to get yourself to a $20,000 monthly income only to find it crumble, and have your life and your relationships come tumbling down.

What happened?


Did it have to happen?

Could I have prevented it?

Could I have planned for it?

There have been many top guns who have gotten drilled and ended up with nothing. Don't get caught with your blindfolds on once you get there.

Here are five simple tips for staying on top once you get there

Once you reach any level of success...whether it's on your way to the top or when you've arrived, don't ever forget WHAT IT TOOK to get you there. The efforts you put forth to get you where you are today are the same efforts that will keep you on top.

Often times people get to a position of success in their businesses and stop doing what it was that got them there in the first place. Don't ever forget. If you stay in action all the time, even when you are at the pinnacle of success in your business, you will always be able to remember what got you there.


Simply because you are still doing it. You never ever want to forget about the people that helped you get there.

The second part of this is never forgetting WHERE YOU CAME FROM. Too often, we get somewhere and forgot where we started. It's shameful to say the least. We need to always be able to empathize with others…especially once we've gotten there.

Most importantly…we simply don't ever want to wipe out of our minds where we started the journey.

And I do mean...PAY ATTENTION. On your way to the top and when you get there, you MUST be aware of what is going on around you. Pay attention to the elements, like what is happening in the network marketing industry, your company, up or down trends in your business, your owners, your downline, and your competition.

Don't be blind. Keep your eyes open. I have seen many a leader fall victim to "the elements". Turn your head and your attention away from these critical elements and you could be in for a major downfall.

This is business folks. Be aware. Be smart. Your bank account will love you for it.

You have all heard me say that it is important to have a strong, healthy ego. This simply means you've got some good self-esteem…some confidence.

However...money and success can do interesting things to even the best of people. They "let it get to their head". The head grows. This is a sign of big trouble.

You've still got to have some humility in life (by the way…that's being humble, not being funny). Being able to admit when you are wrong is a sign of strength, not weakness.

I have seen some of the greatest minds, literally the biggest success stories of this industry's entire history fall victim to this downfall. My question: would you rather be right…or rich? Is your ego bigger than your bank account? Be careful out there!

Let's face it. Things change. Change is constant. You have to stay on top of things in life and in business. Stay green and always willing to grow and you will find yourself always in the position of making the most of every situation.

This is simple. Save for a rainy day. Save for a sunny day. Invest your profits. Don't spend it all. Be wise. Read the book "The Richest Man in Babylon". It's very easy and quite probable that our spending habits and lifestyle change as our income changes.

Be wise. Be smart. Think.

You should always have a minimum of one to two years of living expenses (at a bare minimum) in your savings and investment accounts. What IF something happens? Will you be ready?

These simple tips come from either personal experiences or things I have witnessed first-hand in the network marketing industry.

Just remember all the work it took you to get there. You busted your chops, didn't you? Right? Network Marketing takes effort, energy and time to succeed. When you get there...be sure you STAY THERE!
Written by Todd Falcone

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Anonymous said...

It really is a never-ending process learning to build a business. I've been at it for years and you never stop learning.
Great article.
Jim Statler