Jun 4, 2008

"The Secret To Attracting Raging Business Builders "

Have you ever bought leads from an lead generation company and found that none of the leads you paid for were open to the idea of running a network marketing business?

I have. It's a situation which sucks big time.

Here you are spending your hard earned cash to tap into a market of interested prospects only to find out after spending hours, weeks, and months of your time that none of them are even interested in you or your business.

The first thought is "What did I do wrong?"

You try to retrace your steps. You think to yourself maybe I'm not saying the right things.

You pull out the old script and you practice it again and again until you know it in your sleep. You ask your sponsor to role play with you and get on a few more calls to make sure you're doing everything right. They give you the thumbs up!

You go off and buy another batch of leads and the same thing happens again.

You stop and say to yourself "Something ain't right here."

And you're right!

It's not your fault the leads you're presented with aren't responding to your message. The truth is it's merely a consequence of the situation.

The leads you're buying are generic. They don't care about network marketing. They just want money and if they had it there way they'd rather have you just give it to them than work for it.

The second you bring up network marketing to them they say"Is that one of them there pyramid schemes?"

You say no, but you've already lost. Most of the time they have some friend or family member who's tried networkmarketing and lost their shirt and they want nothing to do with it.

In order to get these folks on your wave length you're not dealing with just presenting your business you're dealing with changing their beliefs about the business model. And that ain't a fight you can win in a 5 minute phone conversation.

To be honest it's not even something you should spend your time doing. It's just not worth the effort.

So you say . . ."Well, if buying generic leads isn't the answer then what is?

"The truth is it could be retailing. Throughout the historyof network marketing some of the best and most successful marketers have come from converted product evangelicals.

It makes sense, they love the product anyway, so telling their friends and family about it with passion isn't hard for them.

The only problems with this is it's hard to retail your company's products on the internet as we discussed the details of earlier and the percentage of retail product users that turn into distributors really isn't all that high.

To compound the problem, the folks that do go from product user to distributor don't do it overnight. It may take months or years for them to flip into business mode.

So again we are dealing with changing people beliefs in a big way here. You have a huge hurdle to overcome in persuading a product user to become a business partner.

It does work though, it's just gonna take years to work and lots and lots of retail customers to generate any sizable residual income.

If you have the patience for it though, it is a proven plan.

Because I know these things and have experienced them I don't do either of them anymore. Changing people beliefs is not a game I like to play.

The best and quickest way to find and work with people who are excited about your company as you are is to find and work with people who already know and love network marketing.

The benefit being, as soon as they make the decision to work with you they know the game and they are ready to hit the ground running. If I hadn't leverage this principle there is no way I would have been able to attract 4703+people in less a year and a half.

I didn't do it all myself. I had several others just as motivated as me doing the same things I was doing and that's leverage.

There are several ways to attract network marketers interested in being better network marketers which are all revealed step by step in Net ML'M Profits.

Using just one of these tactics is enough to change the entire dynamic of your business, but when you put them together that's when synergy happens. That's when you have more people hunting you down calling you from all corners of the globe all day everyday than you can deal with.

And the most important part is . . .They all make YOU money no matter what happens in your business, BUT as a direct result of using the tactics taught in NetML'M Profits in your business there is no way your business can't grow.

That's stacking the deck in your favor. That creates massive leverage and a situation where failure is virtually impossible. (And it's the most fun way to grow your business there is.)

Do a few things right and there is no way to fail. Here's How . . .

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Anonymous said...

Great Article Frank!
You seem to have been doing this for awhile...what would you suggest to attract serious business builder?
Jim Statler