Jun 21, 2008

How to Simple Steps – Internet Marketing Your Network Marketing Business

These simple steps, if done repeatedly, will generate amazing results to your online or MLM business endevors. Thanks Lisa for your great article. Frank Tocco

There are so many or dare I say too many ways to market online to generate leads for your network marketing business, yet there is a better way and I’ll narrow this down for you today.

This will be a step-by-step action plan you can print out and use each day. Some suggestions will take a few days to set up while others are only minutes away.

We’ll start with the “few minute” steps:

1. Classified ads: It’s best to use three line ads. Post the “obvious” title and fill in the content with a few lines of what your visitors will benefit from by going to your site (capture page).

a. USFreeAds.com: sign up free and then pay for a featured ad.

b. CraigsList.org: post in the “services offered” >> “small biz ads” you can pick a few states at a time to post, but don’t go for every city or you’ll get banned. There are tricks around this and you can find those by doing a Google search for Craigslist Power Posting by Mark Mattey.

c. INetGiant.com: sign up and post free or pay for a featured ad.

d. Ryze.com: post a classified ad here and pay for the featured posting.

2. Press Releases: David Schwind wrote a really great press release and showed the formula behind this in Magnetic Sponsoring. You can check that out at davidschwind.com/training.htm.

You can short-cut a lot of work by just paying a little for one press release. Yet you can submit your press release too many different sites free and get the same results. This was something Mike Dillard suggested and it does work.

a. 24-7PressRelease.com is one of my favorites. Pay for the $80 package and watch it take off all over the Internet!

b. I-NewWire.com is another great one and free.

3. Ezine Articles: This is where you can establish yourself as an expert on any subject. For help on copywriting you can check out bensettle.com who makes a living as a professional copywriter and who also offers a ton of advice and information free.

a. EzineArticles.com is one of the best out there and free. They rank high in the search engines and will grant you an “expert” status if you submit decent articles.

b. ArticlesBase.com is yet another great resource.

c. MagneticSponsoring.com is not only an online community of serious entrepreneurs or Internet marketing courses, but a great way to gain exposure by submitting your articles free to their site. If you get good enough you’ll even be place on the home page!

4. Social Networking: This is a must for anyone who is marketing online. It’s not just for teenagers as I once thought. The main focus here is to pick a few and keep participating a few times a week. This literally takes seconds to update posts, shouts and blurbs.

Here is a short list of my favorites.

a. Twitter.comb. FaceBook.comc. MySpace.comd. LinkedIn.com

A few minutes to set up and a few days to get going:

1. Blog: Mike Dillard wrote an article about this late last year that you can find at ArticleBase.com by doing a search for “The 5 Laws Of Writing Network Marketing Blogs”

a. WordPress.com (pay to have a domain name forwarded to professionalize your blog).

b. WordPress.org (pay to host an account and personalize it with your own domain and customization).

c. TypePad.com isn’t a bad choice either.

2. Landing or Capture Page set up: Jim Yaghi wrote a great article about why your MLM company website stinks. Just Google or search at ezinearticles.com for “Why Your MLM Company’s Website Stinks” and then I suggest for those of you who aren’t sure how to build your own website to visit SiteSell.com.

All this (and more of course) will begin to fill your pipe-line of prospects soon enough. Your next steps are to learn the ropes.

Courses I suggest are:

1. Magnetic Sponsoring course to learn the ins and outs of the basics of Internet marketing.

2. Dani Johnson who will teach you how to talk to your prospects.

3. Jeffery Combs who will also teach you how to have a conversation with prospects and handle those hard objections. If you visit his site at GoldenMasterMind.com and sign up for his free newsletter, you’ll get a few ebooks free and one that includes “how to” handle those objections.

4. Desperate Buyers Only by Alexis Dawes which is an information product creators guide to writing and marketing so that people with problems WILL buy from you.

Couple of good books I suggest buying right away:

1. Phrases That Sell by Edward Werz and Sally Germain

2. Words That Sell by Richard Bayan

Both will be a huge help with writing good headlines for your articles, email campaigns, press releases and even the content of your information.

Lisa Alexander, a professional Entrepreneur & Journalist based out of Michigan and currently studying Internet Marketing. Part of Internet Marketing and a work at home job is becoming a professional in many fields, including, but not limited to copywriting, advertising, SEO, and much more. Lisa has quickly learned this is something she’s very passionate about and gladly shares what she learns with others free. Visit http://www.NetworkMarketersGroup.com for more info!

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