Jun 16, 2008

FORBIDDEN Mind Control: How “Hitler” Almost Took Over The World

Want to hear a frighteningly powerful marketing persuasion technique secretly used by
master marketers,
and even SUICIDE Cults?

What you’re about to read is absolutely CHILLING…
in fact, bad things have been known to happen unless you make sure to read this entire page, so make sure you DO…(Especially if you'd like to use mass persuasion to make millions…)

It’s true… what I’m about to reveal to you was not only used by Adolf Hitler to nearly take over the planet, but also used religiously by master-marketers, top sales people, magicians, hypnotists, psychics, and YES, even suicide cults!

(Just make sure, If you value your well being, you use them for good ONLY. –not like Hitler!)

But how would you know?

Well, you can sum it up pretty easily…
the difference between “harmful” manipulation and “friendly” persuasion is “intent”.

You only need to answer one question… “Am I going to use these methods to benefit everyone involved?

”If the answer is “yes”, you may read on…

Are you ready to hear how to get other networkers to do your bidding?

Well, it all starts with one “magical” sentence written by one of the master influencers I’ve studied, Blair Warren. And here it is…

“People will do anything for those who encourage their dreams, justify their failures, allay their fears, confirm their suspicions, and help them throw rocks at their enemies.

”Geezz… if that didn’t send chills down your spine, then let me break it down for you. Infact, let me put it into “home business” terms and examples…

1) Encourage their dreams – Empower people, re-assure them the impossible IS possible.

Implementation: In short, when you lead by example and encourage greatness and belief in others, you sub-consiously gain power over them.

2) Justify their failures – Everyone has failed at least a few times in some sort of mlm or home business.

Implementation: Just identify why most fail (like no cashflow, buying leads, etc…) then show them that that’s why your strategies work. In essence, let them know their failed strategies are not their fault.

3) Allay their fears – People taking on any new skill or business venture are naturally afraid.

Implementation: Instead of telling them “not to be afraid”, tell them you’ll work with them and be there to assist them until their fear diminishes.

See the persuasion “trap”? – They are now dependant on you for success, and if you live up to your word… for that, they will stay loyal.
Powerful huh? ;)Are you afraid?

4) Confirm their suspicions – People feel gratification by finding out “they were right.

Implementation: As entrepreneurs… we are always looking for the better, more effective, and easier way. We know a better way always exists… there must be some “holy grail” to succeeding in this industry.

Position your offer as “the better way”, (which everyone is looking for) and assure them you are going to teach it to them. Don’t dismiss this, every entrepreneur is sub-consiously searching for this… show it to them, and they will follow you!

5) Help them throw rocks at their enemies – The thing ALL your prospects struggle with, is their "enemy".

Implementation: Identify what you know your target market hates (IE: buying leads, cold calling, etc…). Next, like anyone in a “struggle”… they want someone to join their side. Do it!Accompany them in dis-crediting their frustrations. Help them throw rocks at their enemies!When you do, you gain power as their new found friend, mentor, and business partner!

Anyone have a Rock?

Want to FINALLY make a Fortune From Home? David Schwind will encourage your dreams, justify your failures, allay your fears, confirm your suspicions, and help you throw rocks at your enemies. Call his bluff at: www.DavidSchwind.com/contact.html

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