Jun 14, 2008

Leveraging Marketing Tools To Grow A Thriving MLM Business

by Frank Tocco
So many people looking to start a MLM or home-based-business think they have to become a door-to-door sales person, telemarketer, or an Amway rep giving endless presentations to make any money.

That’s not the reality at all. These things do work but there’s an easier way.

Here the rule is to build a successful MLM business: We sort and market. We do not sell!

Selling only turns people off and all they want is to get as far away from you as possible.

There are selling superstars that jump in with two feet and sponsor people like crazy. They come out of the gate fast and sponsor 20-40 a month and even though if feels like you won the lottery, within three months all those new reps will start quitting faster then they can sponsor new reps.


Because people can not be duplicated and the new reps sponsored by a superstar recruiter can’t do what the superstar did and begin to believe they are not cut out for owning a MLM business. The superstar makes it look so easy that they begin to feel frustrated or not qualified to build a business of this sort.

People will never be duplicable but systems are. This is why having a successful, proven system that is duplicable is very important but it is only part of the equation. The other part of the equation is you.You do have an important part to play in building your MLM business because people are buying you just as much as your opportunity. Do you offer something of value to this person that will help them gain power by associating with you?

True leaders have invested time and money learning the skills needed to succeed in their business of choice regardless of what business it is and can transfer their know-how to someone in a way that allows them to get successful results faster then they did. That’s valuable to someone wanting to learn that skill.

But selling is not the same as marketing so how can you tell when you’re selling?As soon as you start explaining anything about your business, you are selling. If you start to talk about the price, the ingredients, the compensation plan, the background of the founder or the product, you are selling. Anything more than the name of the company or product or one testimonial is selling. Do Not Do That!

Think of yourself as a professional promoter who’s only job is to hand out information about an incredible business opportunity or product and to get out marketing tools to as many people as possible because these marketing tools do the work for you. The tools sell the business or product and you only sell yourself as a leader.

If you put a city kid on a tractor up against an old farmer with hand tools, who do you think would plow the most land and harvest a bigger crop? The city kid because he has the use of better tools that give him an advantage over the experienced farmer. Marketing tools do the same thing.

Some people complain that they have to spend money on tools but these people do not get it at all. Education costs money and tools cost money and the right tools put together with the right education and a strong reason why you want to be in business in the first place can make you a fortune.

Think of it like this. No matter what tool your business uses; brochures, CD’s, DVD or postcards, it makes you money and will do the selling for you. Most people do not like selling but they still continue to sell, sell, sell.

Let the marketing tools do the sorting and selling for you.For example, a DVD presentation that cost let’s say ten dollars per DVD is worth hundreds or thousands more than ten dollars.


First, it will do a sales presentation much better then most people can and it will do it the same way every time, anytime and anywhere. Secondly, imagine that your DVD is an employee that works for your company. If it shows a hundred presentations that are 20 minutes long how much is your employee getting paid? Ten dollars divided by 100 times equals ten cents per twenty minutes or 30 cents an hour.

What if you had 100 DVD’s doing that everyday? And it made a sale of say 10 dollars one third of the time. That’s 330 dollars a day or ten thousand dollars a month. 100 DVD’s that cost you 1000 dollars would be a bargain. Or you could save your money and give 100 presentations daily yourself. Do you see why having the tools are worth the investment?

Don’t waste time with people that do not get it. Forget about the neighbor or friend that did not see what you are so excited about. You are not sorting to get their approval, you are sorting to find people who get it and can see how using these tools they can grow a successful MLM business. People that will go out and grow their business and find others to do the same.

All you are doing is giving each new person you expose your MLM business opportunity to the chance to say yes or no. The more you do this, the more successful you will be. Once they start, give them the tools to get the job done correctly instead of trying to turn them into sales superstars or product experts.

Copyright © Frank Tocco 2008
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