Jun 26, 2008

Emotional Marketing- Stimulating your Customers Into Buying

Discover How To Get Customers To Come To You
Emotionally Ready To Do Business With You Today

The secret is creating low cost advertising that compels customers to come to you. Using a simple system of direct mail letters, postcards, email and low cost newspaper ads, as well as cable TV and radio - all of which can get qualified customers to call you or stop buy your place of business on a daily basis.
The purpose of this mainstream concept is to have customers come to you.
Because your marketing efforts will do the two things that marketing is supposed to do:
1. Get the attention of your prospects
2. Make them curious enough to respond
In business, we have heard over and over again that people make buying decisions emotionally, then rationalize their choices intellectually. Yet, most advertising fails to stimulate either way.
It all looks and sounds the same - same approaches, same promises, same predictability. The only things that change are the slogans, logos and various branded images. Almost all of its "worthless advertising," fails to make people respond.
If you want prospects and customers to buy from you, you must persuade them into action through emotional appeals. What I'm talking about is marketing that prompts people to respond. With any new skill, you must open your mind in order to learn. This is a chance to explore ways that will change your business.
There's a process which will take shape if you practice this thought - a kind of marketing mindset.

You're studying new concepts and materials, and you're gaining powerful insight and skills. They're all presented so you can practice marketing that really stimulates curiosity and response.
What this means is, it is an opening of the mind. You're learning real, marketing, in which psychology comes into play. It's a "counseling" approach instead of "selling." It means seeing the world and your prospects differently.
What happens in emotional advertising is that you look at people's needs. Your ads, regardless of product or service, are written so people feel you're tuned into them as individuals. They're emotion based ads, tapping into commonly held desires for things like acceptance, independence, status, security and pure personal enjoyment.
These are things people want. Things they feel compelled to respond to.
Emotional marketing won't worry you sick every morning, wondering where you'll find a new customer today. It will not keep you from resting easy, because you'll know people who really want your products or services will be responding to you tomorrow. They'll be responding to the emotional content of your ads. You will not waste time, money, and energy on marketing that offers only the prospect of no return. You'll feel relief and excitement knowing you can stimulate curiosity through genuine, emotional appeals.
A great way to make the people respond. The great thing is pressure will disappear when you meet with potential customers. You will eventually be a rare professional who actually counsels people about their needs and your products and services. They will feel you're really trying to help them.
If you own a retail business, they will respond to you on a regular basis. They will be happy to give you their money. They will feel happy to do business with you.
Treating yourself and your business in this manner, you will not have to worry if you lose a potential customer. This is because you will always have more responses. For the first time, you can honestly and comfortably feel good about your business for a change.
Emotional marketing is so powerful, you can be indifferent to "the sale."
Because attention-grabbing ads get responses, and you'll be seeing more people than ever. This type of real emotional direct response marketing works in any field, any business, any service, any profession, business to business, consumer products.
You will discover that marketing is marketing. Period!
There's not a field or business category where you haven't seen this work. It does not matter if you sell construction equipment or underwear, marketing that gets to people's deep seated emotions, and touches what's in their hearts and minds gets them to get in touch with you.
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