May 8, 2008

Are YOU ready to tap into the Internet Gold Rush and make money online with your own home based business!

Do You Have An Internet Strategy For Your Business?

Do You Have An Internet Strategy?

Dot-com fever has definitely arrived, and there doesn’t
appear to be a cure! Everyone, everywhere wants an
Internet business.

And, why not?

The costs of running an Internet business are low, both
start up and overhead.

You can work from home, day or night, in your PJ’s!

You can build a multi-million dollar, international
business without ever leaving your home.

Sound too good to be true? Well, it’s not!

But, there are some critical steps you MUST take to be

1. Pick a legitimate, viable product or company to promote.
If you see it all over the Internet and it promises to be
the “next Microsoft”, check it out thoroughly. Find out
if anyone is actually getting PAID yet. Who owns the
company? What other companies have they been affiliated
with and what’s the current status of these companies?
Who is the management team and what can you find out about
them? Is the product unique, in demand, consumable and
of value?

2. You MUST have your own web site to market your business.
It must be something that sells YOU, not a corporate entity.
It must have your story, your background and your
personality woven throughout it. Add in your picture,
your contact information and a newsletter or free report.

3. Find or develop a SYSTEM for marketing online. This
should include a method for finding and attracting
targeted traffic, a sales process to guide them through
your program, product information, a follow up process
and a list of daily online activities.

4. Get very clear on your reason “WHY!” This single act
will sustain you through many rough times if your reason
is compelling enough. Write out your vision of your
“perfect day.” Keep this vision close to you and read
it regularly. Then, when it’s time to make one more phone
call, send one more email or follow up with one more
person, you will do it!

5. Each week, plan your activities carefully. It can be
difficult to plan day to day, but planning week to week
allows flexibility and a look at the “bigger picture.”
You can fill more gaps this way and push yourself a
little harder.

6. Make a COMMITMENT to yourself to see the job through,
no matter what. Failure is NOT an option here. Set
realistic goals and be willing to renegotiate those goals
if need be, but never renegotiate the commitment!

There has never been a better time in history to have a
business of your own, run from home. The Internet truly
levels the playing field and allows anyone, anywhere the
ability to succeed, if they have the desire and persistence
to see the job through!

Forget about the dot-com failures! Be a dot-com success story!

Jackie Ulmer has worked from home for over ten years, coaching and training thousands on the secrets to success in a home business. Contact her through her website at
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