May 15, 2008

"How To Write Effective Ads"

"How To Write Effective Ads"
Because most home business owners never learn how to write effective ads, they typically end up buying the advertising results from lead companies in the form of over-priced, over-sold, prospects who are not even in your REAL target market to begin with.

In other words, you end up wasting a ton of money.
I can't tell you how many people I've talked to who start a business in this industry and the first thing they do is go out and place a classified ad in the Penny Saver, or their local newspaper that looks something like this:

"Work From Home!
New Health Product
is Taking World By Storm!
Call John Doe at (his home number)."

And then they are shocked after they spent $200 and got 3 phone calls from people who are broke and looking for a job.

Well I place ads too and these are ads that bring in hundreds or even thousands of leads.

The opt-in rate for my capture page can be as high as 60% which is unheard of.

What’s the difference between the ads most distributors write, and mine?

Well writing a great ad that gets results is an actual science. There are influential triggers that you can use, and people are genetically programmed to respond to them at a subconscious level.

They simply can’t help it.

We’ve already talked about one of these many triggers and that’s how people are programmed to acquire pleasure and avoid pain.

Next time you’re in the grocery store, I want you to look closely at the headlines used on the covers of the magazines while you wait in line.

Most of them will be negative, and that’s not an accident.

The publishers of these magazines know that you are genetically programmed to notice and respond to the pain of other people.

That’s why you always look at a car wreck.

It’s a survival instinct kicking in. Your genes want you to notice that pain, so you can identify and avoid it in the future.

The rest of the headlines on the magazine cover will be positive and benefit driven like…

“How to lose 10 pounds in 10 days” or “5 Little-Known Ways To Retire Rich”

But that’s just the beginning. There are layers and layers of psychology you can weave into your ads and sales presentations which will sky-rocket your results.

One commonly used trigger seen throughout our industry is called “Social Proof”.
This principle states that we determine what is correct by finding out what other people think is correct.

Before modern times, social proof was used in order to survive. If you saw a lot of other people eating an unknown plant, then you knew the plant was safe to eat.

In effect, it provides us with a short cut through the decision making process.

Advertisers often tell us their product is the “best-selling” or “highest-rated” because they don’t have to convince us directly that the product is good. They only need to demonstrate that many others already think so.

The power that comes with social proof through personal recommendations and 3rd part validation has always played an extremely important role within this industry where we usually find it in the form of testimonials.

We use them extensively throughout our site because we want you to know that there’s no risk in purchasing our material. We want you to make sure you know that thousands of other people from around the world have been extremely excited about what they’ve learned from our products and are thrilled they decided to become a customer.

You need to do the same.

People don’t like to look like fools or make poor decisions.

Testimonials serve as an important form of evidence and validation within your ads, and when used correctly, can boost the results of your marketing and recruiting efforts tremendously.

You know it’s funny…
Once I learned the concepts behind Magnetic Sponsoring, I actually came to a point where I literally refused to pitch networkers on my opportunity.

It just seemed like a silly thing to do… Comparing apples to apples and playing the mine is better than yours game like everyone else.

And this different approach worked like crazy.

You see, sponsoring new distributors is actually very easy to do.

In fact, once you learn the strategies of Magnetic Sponsoring, you’ll actually get to a point where you’ll have to turn potential distributors away. You simply won’t have the time to work with everyone.

If you want to get to this point, where you’re literally turning applications away, here’s how to do it…

The final piece of the puzzle will be revealed tomorrow.
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