May 13, 2008

"How To Make $1.21 In Profit Every Time Someone Fills Out The Form On Your Website..."

"How To Make $1.21 In Profit Every Time Someone Fills Out The Form On Your Website..."

Hey Frank, believe it or not, you do not have to spend money and rack up expenses to build your business if you don't want to. I still find it astounding that 95% of business builders out there are spending more money than they make, even though we've been teaching networkers just like you how to build their business at no cost for over two years now.

And not only do we teach them how it's done for less than $40 in the Magnetic Sponsoring Course, we even give them a proven $90,000 marketing system that enables them to do so, at no cost!!

To prove my point, and that this is absolutely possible, I'm sending you report from Doug Jones which was sent to us a few months ago.

Doug's been using the Magnetic Sponsoring System to generate over 1,265 leads at a profit of $1.21 per person! Yes... While everyone else is spending money, he's actually making a profit every single time someone fills out the form on his website, and you can to.

Now before I show you that letter, here's something that Doug doesn't know yet...

The new features and capabilities of the MS 3.0 System will likely increase his profit from $1.21 per prospect, to between $5.00 and $10.00 per prospect.

Now that's not guaranteed in any way, but it's just my personal expectation based on what I know is coming which means he'd be making $5 to $10 in profit every single time someone filled out the form on his website, whether they joined his business or not.

Ok, here's the email from Doug... Check out how he's getting PAID to produce leads while everyone else is SPENDING their money...

From Doug Jones:

"Magnetic Sponsoring has taught me a specific step-by-step process for using a targeted information product to not only attract highly qualified prospective partners for my business, but also how to convert my marketing from an expense to a additional profit center.

The ongoing training provided by Mike has also opened my eyes to the potential for significant additional profits to be earned by providing value to those who choose NOT to join my primary business as well as to those who team up with me. Prior to reading Magnetic Sponsoring I relied on paid leads.

That was a very time consuming and frustrating path, but it was all that I knew how to do once I was past the “friends and family” market. Most of my free time was consumed by my business.

I spent hours every week sifting through those leads for the few nuggets of gold amid all the dirt. And I was paying up to $500 per month for leads that were mostly “tire kickers” or broke or looking for a job. And even though I sponsored a few of them each month, I never found someone who pay that price to duplicate my efforts.

Since implementing the MS strategy 5 ½ months ago, I have generated 1,265 leads to individuals who are serious about building a networking business with just one little ad on Google. I have earned $4,420 selling my information product and the ad has cost me $2,882 for a net profit of $1,538.

That means that I have generated those 1,265 exclusive high quality leads at an average profit of $1.21 per lead! And the best part is that once I set up the system, I have spent zero time managing it... It’s all on autopilot!

And the Magnetic Sponsoring book has taught this same concept to each of my new partners.

This is the single best idea I have run into in over 20 years in the industry! This is a profitable lead generating machine!

In fact, I was so quickly overwhelmed with the sheer number of these high quality leads that I had to create an automated follow up system to handle them. Mike Dillard has been a tremendous coach in that regard as well. I now have a fully automated business with several profit centers.

This industry is about building relationships, so it’s still critical to talk live with your potential partners, but now I only talk to those who are already educated about my business and who want to talk to me... The system does the sifting and sorting for me.

This is as close to networking heaven as I’ve ever been!"

- Doug Jones

So there you have it Frank. Absolute proof that you don't have to spend a dime to build a big business in this industry once you learn how, and that's easy to do.

All you need is a copy of Magnetic Sponsoring on your desk to show you how, and it comes with free access to your very own Magnetic Sponsoring System account, so you can produce the same kind of results as Doug.

If you're not sure if Magnetic Sponsoring is right for you, that's ok...

We're actually letting people take the book and the entire system for a "1 Year Test-Drive".

That means that you can order your copy of the MS Course, and use the free system for an entire year. If you don't like it for any reason at all, I'll buy it back from you at any time over the next 12 months.

If you order today using this link, I'll even ship it to you at no cost...

Frank's free shipping link -->

Thank you for your leadership,
Mike Dillard

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