May 26, 2008

You See, Simply Having Access To "Leads" Is Not The Answer To Your Problem...

By Mike Dillard
They are part of the answer, but not a solution by themselves. What you do with your leads once you generate them is what really matters.

There are over 6 different types of leads you can generate. Which types should you pursue?

How do you market your business to them?

How do you market your product to them?

How to you get them to pursue you?

How do you monetize them if they don't join your business?

Do you email them, call them, or mail a letter? How often?

How do you automate this process?

What should your emails, calls, or letters say? What should the headline be?

What should you ask them to do next?

How long should you keep in touch with them?

As you can see, simply "generating leads" is not the end-all solution to the business building process which is what makes MLM Traffic Formula the only course of it's kind ever made available for the network marketing industry. There are in fact, three different phases to "The Formula"...

Phase I: How to build a 7-figure business that's immune to attrition and competition.

Phase II: How to generate massive online traffic using blogs, Google Adwords, search engines, articles, press-releases, and CPA networks - And then turn that traffic into live, exclusive leads for you and your business.

Phase III: How to monetize your leads and make up to $60,318 or more, in less than 72 hours from all of the people who said "No" to your opportunity.

With That Said, Welcome To The "Big Leagues" My Friend...

As you continue reading this page, you'll discover (and might be over-whelmed by), the powers and skills you have the chance to acquire today, but you're going to run into some very personal stories as well...

These were sent to us by the first group of 500 students who were lucky enough to participate in the original call series. Read them. You need to know that this is for real because you don't have the luxury of "sitting on the fence" wondering "what if".

Now before we get into the details, I need to introduce you to some people real quick...

Tom "The Email Monster" Bell

The guy with the grumpy look on his face it Tom Bell. Don't let that fool you though. Tom's one of the nicest guys you could ever meet, but he's deadly serious when it comes to making money and building downlines online.

You see Tom's a master of generating MASSIVE amounts of leads using CPM networks. In fact he used to own a MLM lead company. And what do I mean by "massive"? Well how does 12,000+ leads per day sound?

Now I know you've probably never heard of a "CPM network", but you can rest assured the last company you bought leads from does, because that's where they get them from to. (Shhhh... I didn't tell you that!)

Ever wonder how to build a massive downline quickly on the internet? Well Tom does it all the time. It only took him 8 days to build a downline of 1,117 reps last time he got involved with an opportunity.

But now that he has 21 employees and a new company to manage, he just doesn't have time for MLM anymore. In fact, "MLM Traffic Formula" represents the first and only time you'll ever get a chance to learn Tom's secrets when it comes to "CPM networks" and network marketing.

Tim "Mr. SEO" Erway

This good looking young man is Tim Erway.
You've probably seen his name circulating around some of the biggest launches and promotions in the internet marketing arena lately because dozens of the worlds top internet marketers constantly turn to Tim for his expertise in "capture page" creation and website monetization strategies (how to make more money with your website).
Tim is also highly sought out for his expertise in search engine optimization. In fact Tim's a certified black-belt master when it comes to getting your websites a top 10 rank on Google and Yahoo.This guy can walk into just about any company in the network marketing industry and have his website in the top 3 results within a month. When you can position yourself in front of that much free traffic, you're practically guaranteed to be one of the top reps in the company which is exactly what Tim is going to teach YOU how to do.
The last time Tim built a MLM business his downline exploded to 1,732 reps with an average product order of $100 in just 31 days.
And then there's me...
To be honest with you, I'm really nothing special. Just another network marketer who waded through years of crappy advice until I finally found the truth and used it to change my life.
Here's what I discovered, and what I want you to really understand...
"Network marketing is an industry of marketing and promotion pursued by people who have no idea how to market or promote."
Think about it... This is one of the only industries in the world that attempts to take average people with no marketing skills or experience as an entrepreneur and then instructs them to teach other people how to market and make money as entrepreneurs...
Guess what? It's all but impossible.
That's why you're told to go out and make warm market lists, wear silly buttons on your shirt, and post signs on telephone poles... All things that anyone who knew anything about marketing wouldn't be caught dead doing.
It's the blind leading the blind and I followed that crowd in silly "blind faith" for six years.
Then one day I woke up and realized that you can't make money in a marketing industry without knowing how to market.
So I learned how. And the results speak for themselves.
Two years ago I was waiting tables and $6,000 in debt.
Today I make up to $60,312 per week, own 1.3 acres on a private golf course, and just picked up a brand new $61,000 Mercedes as an over-due reward for my first 6 years of struggle.
On average, 10,000 new entrepreneurs around the world join my "Magnetic Sponsoring" newsletter every month in order to learn the secrets behind my "attraction marketing" strategies. The knowledge I've acquired has truly been a blessing.
But this site is not about me,Tim, or Tom. The only person who matters is you, and the fact that the only "advice" you've ever been given in this industry is to just buy more leads, hang more signs, and make more phone calls.
There is a better way my friend, so let's jump in and take a look at "The Formula".
As you read the following pages, I only want you to keep one thing in mind...
What we do isn't magic. Anyone, yes even you, can learn to do exactly what we do. It's just that no one's bothered to show you how it's done... Until today.
Hey, here's Phase I of "The Formula"... Enjoy.

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