May 29, 2008

How To Quit Your Job And Go Full-Time In Your Business...

This is from Mike Dillard, with Magnetic Sponsoring.

As a person in Corporate America working towards Network Marketing full time, it is great information. Enjoy!

Dear Mike Dillard, with Magnetic Sponsoring.

What suggestions do you have for someone (myself) who is working his brains out making a really good salary in my corporate job, but wants to go full time in networking?

I want to get more involved and I make time nearly every day to read and get smarter about the process. My current job takes up way more than 40 hours per week and we have a better income than at any other time in my life.

How do I maintain the integrity of my current commitment and still transition to my networking business? If you suggest I quit right now and focus all the same energy from my job into networking, I suppose that would be an answer. - Kevin S."

Thanks for the question Kevin. I'm glad to see that you're in a position to even consider this topic...

Here's the quick rule-of-thumb answer...

Never quit your JOB and go full time into your home business until you've exceeded your JOB income for at least three consecutive months.

That's the quick answer.

As we get into a deeper answer to your question, let's assume that you follow that rule. Your next concern is the amount of free time you have available to dedicate to your business.

Well in reality, time is RARELY an issue. It's simply a matter of working smarter and more efficiently, instead of longer.The first thing we need to do is prioritize our activities so that we're only spending time on those which directly effect bottom line production.

And there are a lot of activities that go into building a network marketing business!-

Writing ads-
Placing ads-
Creating capture pages-
Calling leads-
Interviewing leads-
Contact management-
Scheduling follow ups-
3-way calls with downline-
Mailing information-
Making follow up calls-
Processing new orders and applications-
New distributor training and orientation

Now here's where I want to flip the switch upstairs for you today...

Look through all of the activities above and ask yourself the following question:

"What makes me money?"

The answer?

In the end, it's only one thing:

Processing completed customer orders and distributor applications.That's the only activity that makes you money, so it's the one activity that should dominate your business building time.

If you only had two hours per day to build a business, how much money would you be making if you spent all two hours processing new applications and taking orders?

Probably enough to go full time right!?

This is where you say, "Ya but that's impossible Mike...

"Actually far from it. That's all I do and here's the process needed to make it happen...

Now in order to process orders consistently and at a relatively high rate each day, 3 things must take place:

1: You must build a pipeline of prospects whom you consistently contact over time, not personally, but through marketing which allows you to leverage your efforts.

2: You must build a relationship with those prospects, not personally, but through technology such as an auto-responder and video.

3: You must effectively market your goods and services to those prospects,and then sales are made and income is produced.

Now here's the deal...All three of these activities can, and must, be achieved on autopilot if you want your production to sky rocket.

And that's the secret between full-time networkers who make the big bucks,and those who bust their rears all day long for years, barely turning a profit.

Part-timers continually buy leads or place ads to generate new prospects,but rarely put them into a long-term "pipeline."

Part-timers attempt to build relationships with their leads by talking to them on the phone numerous times.

I constantly see networkers contact a lead 3 to 5 times, spending 1 to 5hours time trying to get a single prospect into the business.

Part-timers spend major bucks and most of their limited time buying, and then mailing expensive prospecting tools to their prospects.The lesson to be learned here is that they are building their business without leverage.They are spending too much of their time doing activities that DO NOT directly produce income.

The rich networker puts together a lead generation campaign on GoogleAdwords that automatically generates 10-20 news leads per day for him.

The rich networker leverages tools and technology like personally written autoresponders to build a relationship with his 1,000's of prospects automatically. He knows that a relationship and trust can be built without personal phone calls.

The rich networker has an assistant or fulfillment center distribute business building tools to his prospects automatically so he's isn't stuck addressing envelopes every night at his kitchen table.

The rich networker only does three things that require his personal time:

1: He contacts the prospects who have called or emailed him after reviewing his marketing materials.

2: He processes their application or product order.

3: He talks to and builds relationships with other rich networkers and proven producers, not beginners.

So I hope that you understand that going full-time in a home business is not about how much time you have available, but how you're spending that time.

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