May 17, 2008

Steps to Easily EXPLODE Your Network Marketing Team

1. Practice setting a schedule when your plans are done already.
Time. Time is a factor that plays a significant role in any Network Marketing team. Making a schedule of the team's what to do task is a valuable tool of checking your network's performance. But mind you people, always set a tentative schedule based on your post-prepared business plans and agenda.
But setting your schedule is not that easy. You mind end up with a big mistake if you make a schedule out of your initial unplanned schedule. I say to you, avoid making a schedule if your plans are not set yet.
2. Learn to prioritize your schedule.
The bottom line here is ìlearn to do things one step at a time. What plans are scheduled for this month, for this week, for the fist three days, and for today? Do not attempt to do all the week-long tasks in just a day or two. Learn to follow the set schedule for it is meant to be followed. Had done the otherwise, the schedule need not to be set.
3. Set the specific tasks that must be accomplished on a specific data.Do not compact all tasks into a single working day. You will just end up doing a mediocre work and a type of result that hinders the best output most people are looking for.
You are not a multi-tasking machine like the computers, unless your task only requires minimal thinking you can accomplish more than one task then.
4. Teach your team to practice saying NO.
There's nothing wrong with that. The most dreaded word for your team members might be the word no. Your team members need not be like saints that will nod their heads and say Amen to whatever you'll say. Tell them that it's alright to speak their stand.
In that way, you'll get know who among your team members has the potential to be a wise problem solver and a good plan setter. Recognition takes place here.
5. Get to know the prime times of your team members.
They are more productive on this time. All of us have the chosen peak time wherein the muscles of our brain are at their best condition. Discover that peak time. Utilize that time and you will come up with best out of your job.
6. Disseminate well-divided tasks among your team members.
Have the habit of having a equally assigned tasks among your members. They will appreciate it. In that way, you can easily EXPLODE their vigor to do more and to work even better.
7. As the team leader, include in your plans the risk management task.
Risk is inevitable but curable. Potential problems might just be hanging out there. They will strike when they see a weakness in your plan. But with the back-up risk management, everything is just under control.
8. Attend or conduct seminars for your teams including you.
The knowledge you will get is lot of help.Never stop learning. Learn, learn, and learn. There ís no such a thing as information overload. You may not know that the single phrase you have read in a library is the solution to your current big problem.
That's true. I, myself, have proven that already and you could too.
9. Recognize at the initial planning the POTENTIAL PROBLEMS that may occur.
Potential problems are problems that may occur in the foreseeable future. Recognizing them at the forefront will create a strong plan of activities for your marketing business.
10. Tell your team members to be organized at work and daily activities.
Nothing compares to a well-organized and carefully-planned job. Your Network Marketing team leader might be looking for potential members who could raise the network's revenues into the nth power. Who knows? It might be you.
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