May 19, 2008

How To "Flip" Networkers Into Your Program...

How To "Flip" Networkers Into Your Program...

The following question was sent to my office, and I hope you find my answer useful, as it contains the secret to building a 7-figure business in this industry...
"Once a lead has been generated, what kind of follow up letter would be best to send to them? Should I include links to my opportunity in the follow up letter? At what point should I invite them to JOIN ME in my business?"

Today I decided to offer a detailed clarification, (one that I assumed was unnecessary), for the benefit of everyone's career in this industry.

One of the core concepts taught in "Magnetic Sponsoring" is the identification and pursuit of your primary target market.

Simply put, your primary "target market" consists of people who already use or purchase what you're selling. What I find a bit perplexing, is that I've gotten dozens of emails just like it over the past few months.

That means that in this industry, your target market consists of people who have purchased and who participate in a home business.

That group of people is different than your secondary target market: Opportunity seekers...

People who are interested in a home business, but have not yet bought into one.

The exchange/investment of money is the key differentiating factor that divides the two. I've used this analogy before, but I'll restate it here for some of our newer readers...

Let's say that you were the head coach of an NFL football team and that you need a new quarter back.

Would you go out and recruit someone who already played in the NFL or college as a quarter back, or would you place an ad in a newspaper that said something like...

What to be an NFL quarterback?
Get paid big money!
Replace Your Income!
Call 1-800-555-5555.

Well that's the difference between recruiting experienced networkers and home business seekers. But how do you get in touch with other networkers?

Well in the past, your best option was to buy genealogy lists, (lists of other existing networkers), and make 100-300 cold calls per day. YUCK!

But there is an easier way where you can actually get other networkers to contact you... And that's exactly what Magnetic Sponsoring teaches you how to do.

Once you learn "Magnetic Sponsoring", you can have 5,10,15,20 or even more active network marketers contacting you each and every day.

And once that starts to happen, it leads many people to ask the question above, "How do you get them to join YOUR opportunity if they're already in a business?"

So here's the answer, but it's probably not what you're expecting...

Building a rolodex of other network marketers that you form a relationship with is the single most potent and valuable business building strategy there is.

The biggest earners in this industry... The one's who build massive organizations in months who are on stage getting the big checks don't call leads. They open up their rolodex and call other leaders that they've gotten to know over the course of years.

Those leaders know other leaders who make phone calls and each of them can bring in thousands of people from their previous or existing downline to the new opportunity.

Simply put, they're recruiting Joe Montana to their team instead of Joe Dirt who just answered a newspaper ad.


Building that rolodex and those relationships TAKES TIME! And yes, you need to advertise, and yes you will run into opp seekers who become super-stars. But you've got to keep the BIG, LONG-TERM picture in mind from the very beginning.

It's not about getting the name, email address, and phone number of another networker and trying to "flip" him into your opportunity. That is short-sighted, shallow, and driven by greed.

They question you should be asking isn't, "how should I flip networkers..."

It should be, "how do I attract networkers..."

You have to bring some kind of personal value.

So if you want to bring other networkers and leaders into your organization, here's what you need to do...

You need to put the process of recruiting them second on your agenda. If you follow this process correctly, the sponsoring/recruiting process will happen automatically.

First and foremost, you need to serve others without want before you can get.


Because that's what leaders do. You need to acquire some value by educating yourself as much as possible so that people will have a reason to want to work with you.

You need to start offering your experiences and lessons learned to others in order to help them achieve their goals, even if they don't join your downline.

This will allow you to earn their respect and build a relationship with them.

"Value" is the driving force behind attraction.

If friends and prospects don't listen to you...

If they don't take you seriously...

If they question you...

If you have to twist their arms or offer incentives to get them to sign-up under you...

If you feel like you're just spinning your wheels...

It's because you don't hold any real value in their eyes... Yet.

In every interaction between people, there is something to be gained.

When you talk to a person of higher value... Let's say Donald Trump for example, you gain power through that association. You gain personal knowledge, and status in the eyes of others. Donald has an incredible amount of value to offer those around him, which is why so many people seek him out.

So where does that leave you?

Where do you stand when it comes to your prospects?

Are you just another low-value stranger with little more to offer than big promises?

If you struggle to sponsor new distributors, then then answer is probably yes.

People have no reason or desire to want to work with you, because you don't have any value to offer them.

So freaking change that. Trying to "flip" networkers into your program is low-value, BS trickery.

Become a person of value and attract them.

If you want to effortlessly sponsor new distributors, stand on stage, and make some serious cash in this industry, educate yourself.

Gain value.

It's that easy, and we've seen person after person at the Magnetic Sponsoring Community website make that leap from "nobody" to "super-star" in this industry just by applying this technique.

They literally achieved financial independence without even building a downline because they became so valuable to the other community members.

Now they could build a downline with a single email, or forum post if they wanted.

What I'm sharing with you now isn't a "secret", but it's not taught publicly in training calls, or at company events because it's not "duplicatable.

Well guess what... Getting rich isn't duplicatable. By definition, it requires you to stand out from the crowd and become a leader.

I spun my wheels for 5 years in this industry without results. Once I learned the techniques in Magnetic Sponsoring, I was making 7-figures in less than 18 months, and up to $354,000 in as little as 7 days.

If you want to learn how to become "Magnetic" and attract endless new prospects and distributors to you, then get a copy of the Magnetic Sponsoring Course which will show you exactly how I did it.
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