May 25, 2008

Funded Proposal Systems- Do They Really Work?

Michelle from Roanoke, Virginia USA responding to my article on this blog called:
A Highly Effective Funded Proposal Pays You To Generate A Constant Source Of MLM Leads
wrote to me with a question that I think alot of people are curious about.

Her question is:

Hi, my name is Michelle and I just signed up here. I signed up for one of those funded proposal systems. What I want to know is if those systems really work or not. I am still going through the training videos and texts. And if they really do work, about how long does it usually take to start seeing results? Thanks.

Hi Michele and welcome.
In response to your question if funded proposals really work...

Simply put...Yes they do.

They work and all you need to do is provide the advertising. That's the one thing that funded proposals, like all offers, need.

I'm using someone else's funded proposal in a box called Magnetic Sponsoring by Michael Dillard because it's really well put together and explains how to do it right. This way I can concentrate on advertising.

Now keep this in mind though...

if you tried signing up for a funded proposal before, did you advertise it?

If so, how?

In placing ads it is very important to put your ads in highly targeted places so the right people see it.

People interested in generating leads for their business and MLM or network marketers. Or whatever your business is about, you have to target your advertising to that group. Give them something that they want and need.

Once you get the word out, don't quit after one ad. Continue advertising and tracking the results so you know which ads are getting results and which ads are not.

Now Magnetic Sponsoring is not the first funded proposal that I've tried, and I have a large list of targeted leads already that I have built over the years, but when I started Magnetic Sponsoring I saw results in 10 days.

However, if you have a budget to advertise to begin with and you place the ads in targeted spots, you could see results in 1 day!

You may think that paying for advertising defeats the purpose of generating targeted free leads, but you cannot start something without some kind of action.

Think of it like a garden hose. There is a source of water and you want it to flow to you. First you have to locate the source, then you have to hook up the hose and then you must turn it on FIRST, before the water flows to where you want it to go.

So when we pay for advertising, we are hooking up and turning on the hose that starts a flood of quality targeted leads flowing our way. (Now trust me on this, it sure makes life easier when they come to you.)

Once those leads buy some of the products in your funded proposal and you get paid, then you re-direct the money into your advertising so you are no longer paying for ads. In fact, I'm making about $200 a week all, of it going right back into advertising...and, the leads are calling me!

So, which one did you try?

Did you advertise and if so, how long and where?

I'm sincerely interested in helping you or anyone learn how to use funded proposals the right way. It makes building your MLM business so much easier and keeps you from going broke in the process.

If this helps or you have more questions just ask.

Sincerely,Frank Tocco

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