May 13, 2008

"The Two Types Of People To Recruit For Your Business And How To Find Them"

"The Two Types Of People To Recruit For Your Business And How To Find Them"
The first thing we need to do is realize that "Network Marketing is an industry of marketing and promotion, pursued by people who have no idea how to market or promote."

I know that’s a bit ironic, but that is the simple truth.
95% of networkers are employees with no business ownership experience what-so-ever.

This is also why so many upline leaders teach the "shot gun" approach of making your list of 100 warm market contacts, getting information to them, and seeing who sticks... Anyone can do that.

You don't need any marketing skills what-so-ever.

The only reason you're told to make a list and give CD's or your website to 100 people is that your upline knows that you've only got about 1 or two weeks of "pumped up" emotional enthusiasm about your new business and then the likely-hood that you'll ever do anything drops down to about 30% or less.

There are smarter ways to build your business which is what Magnetic Sponsoring is all about.
The first thing we need to do is define our target market. Essentially, your target market consists of people who are already using or consuming what you’re promoting.

When I first got started with my primary company, I had just quit my full time job as a physician recruiter for hospitals and was waiting tables.

As I started talking with my sponsor about how I should begin building my business, I had the brilliant (or so I thought), idea of going after other recruiters like myself. Some people use the term 'Head Hunter'.

And why not!?
What better person to bring into the business than a professional recruiter! They have great phone skills. They're not afraid to call strangers. They interview people for a living, and have MASSIVE rolodexes of top notch people in various industries.

A week later I had found, and then purchased a list of 6,000 recruiters from around the country. I started making phone calls and mailing packets.
Two months later, I had zip. Zero response.

I didn't get it.
What could have gone wrong with my brilliant master plan!?
Well, simply put, you can't sell a steak to a vegetarian now matter how incredible it might be.

You can't market a product to someone who does not have the desire to consume it already present.

You can't sell an opportunity to someone who isn't looking for one, no matter how 'perfect you think they would be' or how much money you think they could make.

The first rule of marketing, is to sell products people want to buy, to the people who want to buy them.

Pretty basic stuff, but you'd be surprised how often people get it wrong, especially network marketers.

My lesson was learned and here is what I want to pass onto you today...
In our industry, we have two target markets:

The first is our potential business partners.

This target market consists of one primary group of people: Other network marketers, or people who buy products and services related to building a network marketing business.

That's it.
My best advice is to only market to people who are currently in network marketing, or who used to be in it.

Can you go recruit your brother, neighbor, doctor, co-workers, or your Uncle Bob?
Yes, but that should be a "by-the-way" activity, meaning that if you happen to run into them and peak their curiosity, great.

But you should never, ever make those people the primary targets for your marketing efforts.
Only market to other networkers because these are the people actively buying what you sell!

Opportunity leads are typically opportunity seekers, which is different than an opportunity buyer.

Network marketers are 'opportunity buyers'!
A business seeker is nothing more than someone who filled out a survey and raised their hand to say "I would like to earn extra money."

That's it... And that's no different than me saying, "I would like to play professional baseball."
That doesn't not mean I have the skill set, desire, and ability to actually play pro baseball right?
So we are looking for people who already play the game.

Personally, I never buy opportunity leads anymore and if I were, then I wouldn't market my primary business to them first. I'd market a front-end retail information product like Magnetic Sponsoring and myself as a leader.

This will help me generate instant cash-flow to pay for the lead costs and saves me a lot of time because it helps me instantly identify who’s truly serious about building a business and who isn’t.
Ok, our second target market consists of product customers. Because most people are in a nutrition based opportunity, we'll use that as an example.

Most people would think that their target market consists of people who have health issues.
But we want to get more specific than that.

How about people who have health concerns, and who actually spend money each month on health products... These people are your TRUE target market.

Just remember the difference between people who simply inquire about your offer, and those who are already spending money on something similar.

So how do you find people in these two categories?
Well that’s easy these days thanks to the internet.

For example, in the MLM Traffic Formula course, we teach you how to set up an entire marketing and lead generation campaign using articles, online press-releases, search engine placement, and pay-per-click.

Pay-Per-Click is my personal favorite because it allows me to show my advertisements just to the people who are actively looking for what I’m promoting.

This is called "target marketing, and it's the foundation of your marketing efforts.
Now when it comes to finding other network marketers, a lot of people ask me about genealogy lists. These are distributor lists of network marketers from their company or upline who have gone out of business or left the industry.

These are obviously targeted lists, but you’re left with the problem of how to contact them.
You can’t email the list because they didn’t opt-into your list, which means your only other option is to call them.

Personally, I didn't get into MLM to make 100-300 cold calls a day. That's what I did in my corporate days.

So, I found a way to get networkers to call me and this is what I teach others how to do in Magnetic Sponsoring Course.

In the last 60 days alone, over 15,326 network marketers have contacted me and I didn't have to lift a finger. It's not hard to do. It just isn't taught by anyone because they want everything to be '3rd grade duplicatable'.

In the end, the best way to reach out and get in front of other networkers is to advertise, but you need to use Magnetic Sponsoring strategies, or you’ll go broke faster than you can imagine.
We'll talk more about this later, but let’s change gears for a minute and dive into a little bit about prospect psychology…

Have you ever wondered why people say no to you and your offers?
Did you ever have a great discussion with someone who was really interested, yet you could never get them back on the phone?

Well, here’s why that happens and how to prevent it…

Find out these details tomorrow in video number 4.
See you then,

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