May 10, 2008

"How To Get Invited: Why Cold Prospecting Methods Are Dead, And What To Do Now..."

Hi my name is Mike Dillard and I’m the creator of Magnetic Sponsoring.
I wanted to put together this video series for you in order to offer some of my experiences and lessons learned that have allowed me to go from very humble beginnings, to a 7 figure income in less than 2 years.
There’s a lot of material that we’re going to cover, but all of it is centered on the fact that the rules have changed…
The old fashioned methods of pounding the phones, holding meetings, pitching your business to leads, and trying to turn your friends and family members into business partners have come to an end.
“Prospecting” for business as you’ve known it, has become obsolete. It’s an irrelevant, old-school sales technology that is only pursued by individuals who have yet to discover the methods
Magnetic Sponsoring is based upon.
I’d like you to stop and think for a moment. Compare today’s social environment to the world we lived in just 15 years ago.

Today, people are DROWNING under a flood of information, marketing noise, and endless options to choose from thanks to the internet.

Corporations have literally turned us into numbers, tracked our personal buying habits, categorized our topics of interest, and constantly use that information to drive as many customized offers into our viewing screen.
Entire industries, products, and pieces of legislature have been created just to help consumers manage the tidal wave… Think pop-up blockers, spy ware protection, spam filters, and the “Do Not Call List”

People have been forced to build fortified walls around themselves and their homes to fight back the onslaught of people trying to get their hands into their pocket book.
Solicitations are detested and met with frustration and impatience. We simply don’t want to be bothered which means no sane person would willingly build any kind of business based on cold-market prospecting, and in-your-face selling.

Yet... The internet has created an entirely new world of opportunity for everyone, where you can literally re-invent your life, and turn a simple thought into a business for little or no money at all.
Obviously, that’s a trend you intend to take advantage of, or you wouldn’t be here right now. But unfortunately 95% of those who start a home business will fail themselves, and the primary reason for that failure is that they didn’t acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in today’s modern, competitive market place.
So with that in mind, allow me to pass a few of the valuable lessons I’ve learned the hard way over the past few years.
The key to success in today’s market is this…
If you’re going to sell something to someone, you’ve got to find a way to get invited into their world as a welcomed guest, instead of a pest.

Now you have two options when it comes to building your business
You can simply play the numbers and contact enough people until you make a sale through traditional old-school prospecting and this is the path 95% of home business owners take.

Or...You can position yourself in the market place in a manner that allows interested prospects to find you, and contact you.

Option #2 is obviously the superior choice for several reasons, but I’d like to point out one dynamic that is key to the concept of Magnetic Sponsoring

Who finds and contacts the other person first is very important. In Option 1, you were chasing the prospect. In Option 2, the prospect was chasing you, which means you are perceived as the expert, and hold all of the power and value in that situation.

The prospect invited you into his world, and is basically asking you to sell him your goods or services. You get to instantly bypass all of the barriers and walls that must be broken down by everyone else, and all of the sudden this isn’t about selling any more.

You’re now in the position of the knowledgeable service provider who’s expertise has been sought out and pursued.
This is where you have to be today in order to break through the infinite noise in today’s market place.

How do you do this?
Simple… The most potent marketing weapon you have in your arsenal, is actually you – because unlike business opportunities, there’s only one of you in the entire world.

What we teach in Magnetic Sponsoring is how to use attraction marketing strategies to become that person... That leader and that expert that everyone wants to work with… The type of person whose phone calls and emails are welcomed and valued instead of detested and deleted.
You can be that person.
I’ve been studying human psychology for several years now, and what might surprise you, is that attraction between people isn’t really a choice, it’s a biological response.
By learning how to flip these attraction switches on within ourselves, we automatically begin to attract others.

Two of the most powerful triggers in existence are value and status.
People are genetically programmed to feel attraction towards others who have equal or higher
levels of value and status and you’re no different.
We respond this way because we stand to gain power through an association with that person. If you can establish a relationship with a person of greater status and value, your value and status automatically increase as well through that association alone.

New doors and opportunities are opened.
New, inside knowledge can be gained that’s only reserved for people within that circle. New alliances and partnerships with other powerful people can be formed.

This is why you’re on training calls every week to gain insights from a successful team leader. This is why you idolize the top distributors on stage at your company events and crowd around them to listen in on their conversations.
This is why your stand and cheer for your company’s CEO when he speaks.
These people have something of value to offer you, and by associating with them, you have power to gain.
We have been programmed this way from the very beginning, and if you struggle with sponsoring in this industry, now you know why.
I used to think that sponsoring was just about numbers. That is was about scripts and saying the right words.
But no matter what I did, I struggled to build a team of distributors for over five years, until I realized the difference between myself, and the leaders in my company who were sponsoring dozens of new reps every single month…
They were different because they held value in the eyes of their prospects and they knew how to convey that value in their marketing.
Their prospects saw this, and they were attracted to these individuals. They wanted to work with them and it was a privilege to be sponsored by them because they knew that there was power and knowledge to be gained in such a relationship.
So where does that leave you?
If you’re not sponsoring new distributors, if prospects don’t return your phone calls, or respond to your emails, it’s because you don’t hold any value in their eyes. You have nothing to offer them.
And that’s ok. Everyone start’s from square one, but if you want to achieve the highest levels of success in this industry, you need to change that.
The best way to increase your value to others, especially in this industry, is to increase your knowledge level.
That’s what I did…. I spent a good year buying every course I could on online marketing, copywriting, and personal development, and by the end of that year, I had so much to offer my prospects, that sponsoring literally became effortless.
So as we continue through this series, always remember that if you want to make the sponsoring process as easy as possible, you need to increase your value to your prospects by increasing your level of knowledge and experience.
Buy every book and every course you can because each time you do, you gain knowledge and skills that are extremely valuable and attractive to your prospects.
It has nothing to do with technological gadgets like auto-dialers, scripts, or lead lists.I could give you all of those things, but if you didn’t hold any personal value in the eyes of your prospects, you would still find yourself struggling to build a team and acquire customers. And that actually leads me to the second piece of our fairly large puzzle here…
There’s an old marketing cliché I came across about two years ago. These two sentences played a critical role in the development of my business, and allowed me go from waiting tables, to 7 figures in less than two years. They are absolutely crucial to marketing your opportunity and products successfully today.
So here they are… Stay tuned for tomorrow where I will reveal these two sentences in the Magnetic Sponsoring Boot Camp Day 2.
See you tomorrow!
Only *Suckers* Buy Leads! Stop Wasting Time And
Money On Leads And Cold Calling. See How.

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