May 11, 2008

"How To Get Your Prospects To Buy Anything You Sell"

"How To Get Your Prospects To Buy Anything You Sell"
"Nobody who bought a drill actually wanted a drill, they wanted a hole.
Therefore, if you want to sell drills, you should advertise information about making holes – NOT information about drills"
So here‘s what that means...

Our product is not what you and I, as networkers, really think it is.
People don't care about your opportunity.
They just don't.

They haven't been waiting all of their lives to be an MLM distributors so why should it surprise you when they say 'no thanks'?

What they do care about, is finding a solution to their problem. Whether that be a lack of money, or time with their family, etc...

Your job, is to position your opportunity as the solution to that problem... But you've got some hurdles to jump over in order to do that successfully:

Hurdle 1: You can't sell.

Hurdle 2: People hate to be sold.

Hurdle 3: They will rarely see you, a complete stranger, as anything more than a sales person trying to get into their wallet.

The SOLUTION to your problem, is in the quote above, and here is what it means...

"Nobody who bought a drill, actually wanted a drill." - You didn't buy your MLM business because you wanted an MLM business.
"They wanted a hole." - You want more money, time, etc...
"Therefore, if you want to sell drills, you should advertise information about making holes – NOT information about drills!" - People don't want your opportunity. They want the benefits that it can provide them. And don't like to be sold (they like to buy!).

You want to get your prospects to sell themselves on using your opportunity as the tool with which to accomplish their goals.

The best way to do that, is to market and promote information on how to drill a hole, faster, easier, and cheaper.

You don’t market your opportunity and products directly. That’s what a sales person does.
You market and promote useful information. That’s what a consultant does.

Put yourself in your prospect’s shoes for a minute and pretend that you’re researching your opportunity online.

You type the name of your company into Google and hundreds of websites belonging to other distributors come up, pitching the company.

Are you just going to call up one of those people randomly and join them, or are you going to seek out a leader who’s offering real expertise and value?

You’re going to join the leader of course.
Whether he knows it or not, he’s practicing Magnetic Sponsoring.

With a few specific tweaks to his marketing pieces, he’s basically separated himself from every other distributor in his company, and found a way to get invited into his prospect’s world.
In fact, let me share real-world story with you that might help you fully understand this concept…

My friends Brad & Amber just bought a nice 1.3 acres of Texas hill country property just south of Austin with a beautiful vista in the back over-looking the hills. A golf course in the works. A small lake stocked with bass and his next door neighbor is the Ambassador to Mexico!

Anyway, we took my truck out there because I've got my eye on the lot right next to theirs, and made a day trip of it.

The two of them just got married recently and after noticing the ring on Amber's finger, I asked her where they got it.

"Americu's Diamond" was the answer, which turned out to be the perfect example of a Magnetic Sponsoring type of marketing campaign.

What does a jewelry store have to do with networking you ask?
Well ordinarily not much, but THIS store does because of HOW they build their business.

For as many years as I can remember, Americus has been advertising a late-night 30 minute diamond grading course on the local cable channels here in town.
They have NOT been advertising their diamonds for Valentine's Day, anniversaries, etc.
In fact, they weren't advertising their diamonds at all!

What they WERE doing, was advertising this free course which will teach you, the viewer, how to select and grade a diamond yourself, so you know if you're really getting a deal or not when you DO decide to go shopping where ever that may be.

So do you see what they have done here?
Do you see how smart these guys are?

Instead of positioning themselves as just another jewelry peddler, they have positioned themselves as EXPERTS, who freely GIVE their help and guidance which then builds TRUST and a RELATIONSHIP with their viewers.

"I don't want your money now. I want to help you first."

The end result:
THEY DESTROYED the competition. I mean CLOBBERED THEM!
Americu's Diamond is now the largest diamond dealer in the entire country!!!

The moral of the story is this:

When your audience sees you as an expert who wants to help, instead of a sales person after a dollar, they will gladly come and pursue you, as soon as they are ready to make a purchase.

Experts never have to advertise a sales pitch, yet they always have a line of eager customers waiting outside their door.

It's the greedy, short-sighted, selfish bunch who have to hawk their wares day-in and day-out.
So stop advertising your opportunity, and start advertising your expertise and your knowledge.
In the phone scripts you use. The sizzle calls you plug your leads into. The emails you send. Then conference calls you hold. The cover letters you write.

Everything you say or do needs to enhance your position as an expert and a leader who can show your prospect exactly how to get what he really wants.
Because that reason, and only that reason is why your prospects will join you in your business.

So which person are you?
Are you one of the thousands of other reps using the same replicated sites provided by the company? Are you just calling leads and plugging them into conference calls like everyone else?
Are you just offering the business or do you have something more to offer personally as a leader and mentor?

I hope you understand the significance of this strategy, because it will completely change your life if your implement it.
You’ll sell more product and sponsor more reps than you could imagine, with 90% less effort.
You will become the hunted instead of the hunter and one of the biggest advantages in doing so is that you don’t have to waste any more of your money buying low quality leads like everyone else.

And speaking of lead generation, let’s dive into that real quick because there are a few secrets I’ve discovered over the years when it comes to acquiring leads that you need to know…
Stay tuned tomorrow where I will reveal my secrets.

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