May 30, 2008

Are You Walking the Walk?

Written by Rod Nichols

Network marketing is full of people talking the talk, but very few who are walking the walk. It's why the turnover rate is so high in network marketing. It's easy to talk about how great you are going to do. It's a lot harder to actually do it. Here's what it takes to walk the walk:

1. Use all the products/services - you must become your own best customer and know your products/services inside and out. If your company sells vitamins and one of your prospects comes over to your house and sees a bottle of Centrum on the counter, what are they going to think?

2. Review all the marketing materials - order one copy of every brochure, cassette, and video tape. Find those that you like and want to use. Actually use them every day and recommend that your downline do the same.

3. Attend all company meetings - training, business briefing, regional conferences and national conventions. All the leaders will be there. If you want to walk the walk, you must be there too. Plus, you will learn new things that will help you build your business and these meetings are great for prospects and new distributors.

Work hard to have at least one new prospect at every business briefing (but go, even if you don't have anyone). If your downline distributors see you there with prospects, they will do the same.

4. Listen in on all the company conference calls. Invite prospects to listen in or use your 3-way calling to include them in the conference call. Keep your downline informed about these calls and encourage them to participate also.

5. If your company has a voice mail system, make sure that you are on the system and that everyone in your downline gets on board too. This will help you to stay up to date and also to communicate with your downline.

6. Prospect people every day. Look for prospects every where you are. Encourage your downline to do the same.

7. Communicate with your upline and downline regularly. The first 30 days with a new distributor are the most critical, so stay in touch often during the first month. One rule of thumb, when you are feeling down call your upline and when you are feeling up, call your downline. Never vent frustration with a downline distributor.

8. Be a top performer. Work hard to be a top recruiter and top money earner. When your downline see's you up on the lists of top distributors or receiving awards up on stage at a big meeting, they will not only be proud to be in your downline, but will also emulate you. Leaders begat leaders.

You've got to walk the walk, if you are going to expect other's to do the same.

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