May 28, 2008

"How Do You Know Who The 'Right' People Are, And How Do You Attract Them To You?"

This is a common question that you've probably asked yourself as well, so here's some great advice when it comes to finding the "right" kind of people that will not only join your business, but turn into valuable, profitable teammates...

I'll start with "who's right" and then move into the "attraction" portion afterwards...

There are quite a few different versions of who the "right" person is because that's completely dependent upon the criteria you choose to screen with.

It's not just who is "right", but who's right for you.

Let's go over a few basic criteria that should be a part of everyone's discriminating taste when it comes to potential business partners...

Some of this will probably sound familiar and like common sense, but you'd be surprised at how many people continue to bring the wrong people onto the team.

1: True desire to be successful - "The Test" Everyone will "tell" you they desire to be self-employed, but only 10% or so will have a core desire to do so. You can tell who these people are with this one simple question:

"So what books or training course have you read lately for your business?"
People with real desire will be able to name a few. The pretenders will give you a really weak answer.

2: They have good verbal communication skills. This is an indicator to you for many things...
People with a strong, confident phone presence typically have self confidence, natural posture, and at least some degree of current leadership ability.

I can usually tell whether or not I want to work with someone within the first 10 seconds of the conversation, but by the sounds of their voice.

If they sound timid, soft spoken, depressed, or just have no energy, I'm off the phone.
This might sound harsh, but this business isn't about your product or your compensation plan.
It's about YOU. People don't join a company, they join leaders.

If you do not have/convey the traits of a leader, you're going to have a very difficult time sponsoring people or doing anything in this industry, or any other for that matter.

In business, it's survival of the fittest. You're competing against hundreds of other businesses and potential sponsors, and if you're not the leader that person "reacts" to on an instinctual level, then they'll find someone else who does trigger that response.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, here's a very simple explanation...

By nature, people are pack animals. They follow a leader until they gain enough experience/confidence to challenge for leadership themselves.

This is a survival instinct that has been ingrained in us since our early tribal days. Man could not survive on his own, so he formed tribes.

The tribal leader (alpha male), was typically the strongest and most dominate individual in the pack. One of his primary responsibilities was to protect his group, and in return for that protection, they would follow him.

...And everyone lived longer.

That instinct is still present today, but it's expressed through different activities such as business instead of skull-bashing.

There are two important lessons here:

People have a subconscious attraction to others who convey leadership qualities.

If you want to make it big in networking, (or anything in life), you must learn to convey those qualities, and eventually BECOME a leader.

If your prospect does not have these qualities, they will struggle as well until they develop them.
Whether or not you sponsor this type of person just to "get a check", is completely up to you. I recommend getting past that stage of sponsoring anyone with a pulse for "self-appointed approval" as quickly as possible.

We'll get more into this topic of social dynamics and more tribal stories another time, and all of it is covered in detail in Magnetic Sponsoring and Black Belt Recruiting.

3: The X Factor...

This is unique to you. The "right" person is someone you would personally enjoy working with.
You might share some things in common like gender, age, personality types, location, demographic, etc...

It might even be experience level.

For example, my criteria for sponsoring a person will be very different from most people's...
I'm so busy these days, that I don't have time to work with someone unless they've already taken care of their mental game, and are capable of self-reliance. I don't want to teach them the game, I want to enhance their current game.

No you might think that I'd only sponsor a handful of people with such a high bar, but that's not the case.

The pool of people who meet my personal criteria is endless for me and anyone else because people are constantly graduating to the level I'm looking for on a daily basis.
When they do, they tend to seek out others like themselves to work with...

And The Reason Behind That Fact Brings Us To The "Attraction" Portion Of This Email...
Once again, this gets back to psychology and social dynamics, but I'm going to keep it very simple today...

People gather is groups of individuals similar to themselves.

Successful and wealthy people tend to keep to themselves, especially in business, because each of them have built up a tremendous amount of value to the rest of the group.

The sharing of these abilities between members increases the holdings/power/chance for survival in the world for each of them.

A person of common skill and intelligence has nothing to offer someone who is at a "higher" level. (And please, don't spin your wheels coming up with all kinds of "what if's" and exceptions to this generality. The world is still based on survival of the fittest, even if it's an uncomfortable truth to swallow socially).

The "common" person tends to socialize with other "common " people because they feel equal in status around peers of the same group.

Life experiences, local culture, and local events shared by the people in each group strengthen the bond between the individuals in it.

If a "common" person desires to leave the group and become an "uncommon" person, (as you're trying to do in your attempt to leave the working world behind for life as a wealthy entrepreneur), the group will apply social pressure in order to bring them (you) back in line with their mentality.

My point...

You attract who you are, and you are who you see yourself to be within your mind.

You might need to read that a few more times...
If you want to attract successful leaders, you must believe yourself to be one.

I don't say that you need to already be one...
I'm saying that you need to believe you're one. Other people see you as you see yourself.
Reality will follow what you believe. I didn't become a leader when I bought a fancy car or wrote a book.

I became a leader on a telephone call from my bedroom in San Antonio about 4 years ago while I was waiting tables. I was still dead broke, but that night I changed my mindset on that call, took a leadership role with the person on the other end, and the rest is history...

It was a defining moment in my life and I can remember it like yesterday.

That new mindset led to new actions, new confidence, new posture, new vocal expression... All traits of a leader. Expressing those traits brought on by the new beliefs, manifested into the "Magnetic" life I live today.

Now it's your turn...

Everything you need is already in you, but if you'd like a simple-to-follow guide that will help you become that new "Alpha Leader", who attracts new leads, reps, and money at will, I'd encourage you to give my course, Magnetic Sponsoring a try.

It's the best-selling course of it's kind in the industry, and you can "use it" for a full year without risk.

If you're not making the kind of money you want at anytime within the next 12 months, send it back for a refund - no questions asked.
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You have absolutely nothing to lose.

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